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Once Upon a Time 2×11 The Outsider Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/13/2013

Once Upon a Time 2×11 The Outsider Recap and Review

Once Upon a Time 2x11 The OutsiderOnce Upon a Time 2×11 The Outsider Synopsis:  Gold conducts an experiment to see if he can find a way across the town border without losing his memory. Mary Margaret and David go house-hunting and Belle finds Hook in Storybrooke. In the fairytale world, Belle and Mulan meet for the first time as they try to stop a beast ravaging the land.

Once Upon a Time 2×11 Guest stars: Raphael Sbarge as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket; Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy; Tony Amendola as Marco; Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior/Blue Fairy; Colin O’Donoghue as Hook; Beverley Elliott as Granny; Jamie Chung as Mulan; David-Paul Grove as Doc; Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy; Jeffrey Kaiser as Dopey; Michael Coleman as Happy; Mig Macario as Bashful; Julian Morris as Prince Phillip; Ethan Embry as outsider; Christopher Gauthier as Smee.

Once Upon a Time 2×11, “The Outsider,” is one of best episodes ever, with a real surprise ending that actually made me gasp and grab my heart!

The episode opens with Gold/Rumple pulling Smee out of his trunk and then pushing Smee over the red boundary line. He’s concocted a potion that he’s sprinkled on Smee, and if it works, Smee won’t forget who he is. It works! Gold’s potion has broken the spell, but it turns out he only has enough for one more object. At his shop, Gold/Rumple tells Belle that he’s going to enchant Bae’s shawl with the potion and leave town to search for him. Belle hugs him and wishes him success on his “journey”!

Snow/Mary Margaret eulogizes Archie/Jiminy at “his” funeral. Henry is despondent. Marco/Geppetto puts Archie/Jiminy’s umbrella on the gravestone. But Archie/Jiminy is still in Hook’s ships hold and Hook wants to know where the dagger is. He wants to know what Gold/Rumple’s weakness is and he discovers its Belle.

Back in Fairyland, Belle is in a pub and listens to some men who are going on a journey of their own to find a beast named the Yaoguai that’s been ravishing the land. Dreamy comes to thank Belle for giving him advice about his love life and tells her that she could go on the journey with the men. He gives her some fairy dust, cause you never know when a little fairy dust may come in handy!

Back in Storybrooke, Hook confronts Belle in the library and wants to know where Gold/Rumple is. After chasing her, she ducks into the elevator and closes the door. Hook doesn’t know how to open the elevator. Belle calls Gold/Rumple to warn him about Hook, but they have a bad connection and he has trouble getting the whole message.

In Fairyland, Belle is on the back of a cart reading a book on how to find the Yaoguai. The men laugh at her, but when she says the book tells her it can be found at a lake, the men stop laughing, push her and her book off the cart, and leave her in the road. Turns out the beast can’t be found at a lake but in the mountains, so she has the last laugh and heads off to find the beast. She comes to the mouth of a cave in the mountains, but when the beast roars she runs and the beast storms out of the cave. It looks like a lion with its mane on fire. Very beastly indeed! Before the beast has its way with Belle, Mulan shoots an arrow at it, but the beast gets away. Mulan is mad at Belle because she’s been hunting the beast for weeks and now thanks to Belle its escaped.

In Storybrooke, Belle hears a bunch of noise outside the elevator door and fears that Hook is going to get in, but when the door opens it’s her knight in dusty army Gold/Rumple! She loves her Gold/Rumple and gives him a big hug. I love Gold/Rumple, too. Robert Carlyle is amazing as Gold/Rumple. He should really get an Emmy for this role, but Emmy can be so fickle. But I digress…

At Emma’s place, Henry is still despondent over Archie/Jiminy. Snow/Mary Margaret and Charming/David are doing dishes when Emma comes in with Archie/Jiminy’s dog Pongo. Pongo needed a new place to live and she thought it would mean a lot to Henry. The Dwarfs come and tell them they want to go back to the Enchanted Forest. Now that the curse if lifted, other people may come to Storybook and they wouldn’t be able to handle the magic. It could become dangerous. And besides, they’re homesick for their true home.

Once Upon a Time 2×11 The Outsider, First Look Pictures

Gold/Rumple and Emma are headed to his shop and she wants to know about this vendetta with Hook. What really happened? Why does he want to get back at Hook? Gold/Rumple tells her that Hook stole his wife and son, so Gold/Rumple took his hand. His wife is dead, although he doesn’t go into that little detail of how she died! When they get to the shop its been ransacked. The safe is open and Bae’s shawl is gone. Gold/Rumple, in his anger, smashes a beautiful model sailboat. Belle wants to help him (not with smashing the model sailboat), but he gets even angrier. He’s lost so much, and he doesn’t want to run the risk of losing Belle, too, because he loves her (although he doesn’t use the “L” word). Some things are left to subtext! He gives Belle a gun and tells her she needs to protect herself against Hook.

In Fairyland, the men searching for the Yaoguai push Belle’s face into the water in a well. Mulan comes to her rescue. The men aren’t too happy about being bettered by a woman. Mulan tells them to get lost then tells Belle she wants her help to track the beast. Belle will track. Mulan will kill.

In Storybrooke, Gold/Rumple tracks down Smee and wants to know where Hook is since he knows that’s where Bae’s shawl is. He calls Smee a “sniveling rat” and then turns him into one. I once had a rat as a pet, so I’m not sure that they “snivel” but I digress again …

Belle goes to the docks to look for Hook’s ship. She hears creaking and throws some sand on the dock where she hears the sound. The sand reveals a gangplank which she uses to walk onto the ship. She hears someone and when she goes toward the sound she finds Archie/Jiminy tied up in the hold. She frees him and tells him to go tell Gold/Rumple where she is.

At Emma’s place, Emma and Charming/David are surprised when Snow/Mary Margaret suggest they find a bigger place, especially since they’ve adopted Pongo!

On the ship, Belle discovers a chest but when she opens it instead of finding the shawl it’s filled with coins. Behind her stands Hook, holding the shawl. They both grab for the gun at the same time, but Hook ends up with it and points it at Belle’s head.

In Fairyland, Mulan injured herself when she rescued Belle from the laughing men, so she tells Belle that she’s going to have to kill the beast. She tells her, “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid,” says Belle, back in Storybrooke. Hook tells Belle that Gold/Rumple killed his wife by taking out her heart and crushing it. His wife left Rumple because Rumple was a coward and still is. And maybe Gold/Rumple’s son doesn’t want to be found. “He’ll do anything to keep his power.” But Belle thinks Gold/Rumple has changed and she still loves him no matter what. Gold/Rumple’s heart is true, but Hook’s heart is rotten. She pushes Hook into the hold and runs topside clutching the shawl. But Hooks beats her to the topside to stop her from leaving. After all, he knows his way around his ship! Gold is also on the ship and starts beating Hook with his cane. “This isn’t going to be pretty,” he tells Belle as he continues to beat Hook.

Back in Fairyland, Belle tricks the beast out of his hiding place and when he comes closer she dumps water on him which puts out the fire on his mane. The beast starts to write something in the ashes, “Save me.” Belle throws the fairy dust on the beast and breaks the curse. The Yaoguai is really Prince Philip and Maleficent cursed him to keep him away from Aurora.

Gold/Rumple continues to beat Hook in Storybrooke. “He has to show you how powerful he is,” Hook tells Belle. But Belle says she sees only good in him and says to Gold/Rumple, “Tell me I’m not wrong.” Gold/Rumple, realizing how strong Belle’s love is for him, stops beating Hook. He tells Hook to sail his ship far, far away until he falls off the edge of the world. Belle and Gold/Rumple leave Hook to stew and plot his next move.

At Granny’s diner, Charming/David tells Snow/Mary Margaret that he wants to go back to Fairyland. Thinking about Archie/Jiminy he realized that he doesn’t want to die in Storybrooke. What if they don’t belong there? But Snow/Mary Margaret wants to stay and make a new life, a new family, with Emma and Henry. Maybe they don’t want the same things after all.

Back at Emma’s, Henry is drawing up plans to expand her place. Henry is afraid Regina will hurt him like she did Archie/Jiminy. Then Pongo goes to the door and starts whining and scratching. When they open the door it’s Archie/Jiminy. He tells them that it was Cora that killed somebody to make them think that Regina had killed him, but Cora really just kidnapped him for Hook. So Regina is innocent after all!

Gold/Rumple and Belle pull up to the Storybrooke boundary line. It’s time for him to start his journey. He wants to know why, after everything he’s done, she hasn’t given up on him. She tells him it’s because when something is worth fighting for and you love something and really believe in it you never give up.

Cut to Fairyland where Belle brings Prince Philip to meet Mulan and tells her about the curse. Now that the curse is broken, Prince Philip can help Mulan. As Prince Philip and Mulan leave, Belle starts to walk back to her Gold/Rumple so she can “save him.” But who should show up but Regina and her guards who arrest her and plan to take her to the tower. Belle tells Regina that she’ll never stop fighting for her Rumple, her one true love. And so, across the divide of time and space …

Back at the dividing line in Storybrooke, Gold/Rumple pours the potion on the shawl and Belle puts it around his neck. He steps over the line and looks quizzically back at Belle. Fooled her! He remembers who she is! She wishes she could go with him, but she’s okay with staying there because she’ll be waiting for him when he comes back with his son. They lean in to kiss and she’s shot! She’s shot by the gun that Gold/Rumple gave her to protect herself, which is now in the hand of Hook. Belle falls on the wrong side of the line. Gold/Rumple cradles her and screams lamentedly, “Belle.” She looks at him and asks, “Who is Belle?”

Gold/Rumple screams in agony, “This can’t be undone!” Hook tells him that now he knows what it feels like. Gold/Rumple gathers a ball of fire in his hand to hurl at Hook, but a car barrels down on them and Gold/Rumple grabs Belle and gets out of the way as the car crosses the red line and smacks right into Hook, hurling him over the top of the car. Then the car spins around and crashes into some rocks on the side of the road. So “this” is “The Outsider” who has now come to town.

So what next? The next episode is supposed to be in black and white as well as color, and it looks like there’s a Frankenstein theme as part of it. Who will “The Outsider” turn out to be? Will he survive? Is he Frankenstein? Will Gold/Rumple or somebody else be able to restore Belle’s memories? Maybe Belle will still love Gold/Rumple and they’ll just have to start all over again getting to know each other.


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