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Once Upon a Time 2×12 Canadian Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/14/2013

Once Upon a Time 2×12 Canadian PromoOnce Upon a Time 2×12 Canadian Promo


Here’s the Canadian promo for the next episode of Once Upon a Time. Episode 2×12 of Once Upon a Time is titled, ‘In the Name of the Brother.’


Dr. Whale is tasked with mending Hook’s wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. But some of the townspeople fear that the stranger may have seen magic — which could expose their true identities to the world — and think that leaving him to die would be the best solution. Meanwhile, as Mr. Gold tries to reunite with a despondent Belle, Cora attempts to reunite with daughter Regina; and in the land that was, Victor desperately wants to prove to his disapproving father that he can, indeed, bring back the dead,on “Once Upon a Time,” Sunday, January 20th on ABC. Subscribe to televisionpromos onYouTube for more Once Upon a Time Season 2 promos and sneak peeks!



Once Upon a Time 2×12 Canadian Promo


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