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Once Upon a Time 2×12 Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/20/2013

Once Upon a Time 2×12 In the Name of the Brother Recap and Review

Once Upon a Time 2x12 In the Name of the BrotherOnce Upon a Time 2×12 In the Name of the Brother Synopsis: Dr. Whale must operate to save the injured stranger, but some townsfolk want the stranger to die, fearing he could reveal their real identities to outsiders. Meanwhile, back in fairy-tale land, Victor strives to show his dad that he can revive the dead.


Once Upon a Time 2×12 Guest stars: Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, David Anders as Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, Barbara Hershey as Cora, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Ethan Embry as stranger, Nelson Wong as paramedic no. 1, Janet Pinnick as nurse no. 1, Gregory Itzin as Alphonse, Chad Michael Collins as Gerhardt, Yurij Kis as Igor, Ian Harmon as sentry and Scott McAdam as orderly.


In this episode we learn a little bit more about Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, see Gold/Rumple shatter even more at the apparent loss of his beloved Belle, and discover that the “Outsider” knows a potentially dangerous secret. I so hope that somehow Belle can get her memory back. This is an interesting episode because all scenes not taking place in Storybrooke are in black and white. I’m wondering if this will be a new element when non-fairytale-land stories are told.


Once Upon a Time 2×12, “In the Name of the Brother,” opens as Emma, Charming/David, and Snow/Mary Margaret arrive at the crash scene. Hook’s ribs are broken, but what matters is that Belle’s memory has been broken. She doesn’t remember Gold/Rumple or who she is. Gold/Rumple uses magic to heal Belle’s gunshot wound. Gold/Rumple doesn’t care that Hook may be hurt, he attacks him anyway. “Murder is a bad first impression,” Emma tells him. “Would Belle want you to do that.” He stops as they stew about the stranger. “The outside world just came to Storybrooke.” Did he see anything? Will he live? Will he die? Who is he and where did he come from?


At the hospital, a drunken Dr. Frankenstein reminisces about a past Christmas when his father gave his brother an heirloom watch that should have been his. His present is a commission in the army. Doesn’t sound like a very good gift to me. Even candy would have been better! Their father calls Frankenstein’s work “foolish purposes” but Victor says that “Frankenstein will stand for life.” They argue about Frankenstein’s work and Gerhardt offers his brother the watch to help pay for his scientific work. Dejected and rejected, he refuses the watch and leaves under the watchful gaze of Gold/Rumple.


Twas a busy ER tonight as Belle, Hook, and the stranger arrive at the same time. Whale/Victor restrains an agitated Gold/Rumple.


In Belle’s room, Gold/Rumple hovers lovingly and kisses her gently on the lips. She smiles sweetly, but when she opens her eyes and sees Gold/Rumple leaning over her she starts to scream. Crestfallen, Gold/Rumple apologizes to her and slinks out.


In Hook’s room, he’s chained to the bed and in pain. Emma, sitting by his bed, doesn’t care. She wants to know where Cora is. He tries to flirt with her, “You look good.” But she digs into his ribs and makes him hurt more. He insists he doesn’t know where Cora is and asks for his hook back. She tells him he hurt Belle. “I hurt his heart,” says Hook. “Belle’s just where he keeps it. He killed my love. I know the feeling.” She tells him to keep smiling because Gold/Rumple is on his feet, has magic, is immortal, and Hook hurt “his girl.” “If I were to pick dead guy of the year,” Emma tells him, “I’d pick you.”


In a hospital corridor, Charming/David, Snow/Mary Margaret, Ruby/Red, and Leroy/Grumpy are freaking out about the stranger, whose name is Greg Mendel. “Let’s try not to overreact,” Emma says as she checks photos on his phone. Nothing special there. Pictures of him and food. He seems like a normal person that ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They need Regina to help, but Ruby/Red is having trouble sniffing her whereabouts. Emma tells them Greg’ll probably be patched up and on his way home by morning. Then Whale/Victor tells them Greg may die. He’s bleeding into his chest. Pretty soon he’ll be drowning in his own blood. Yuck! Whale/Victor asks Gold/Rumple to heal the guy, but Gold/Rumple doesn’t owe them anything. “Some of you owe me,” he says. “If he doesn’t die he’ll be driving a tour bus through here. I’m glad I don’t give a damn!” He’s still pissed over Belle, poor guy. He thinks the guy saw him do magic, so it would be better if the guy dies. “Letting him die is easy,” says Whale/Victor.


Rena Sofer’s Role as Snow White’s Mother, in Once Upon a Time


Without Gold/Rumple, they discuss the situation some more. Leroy/Grump wants him dead. Charming/David wants him alive. “Let’s worry about Storybrooke after we save a life,” says Charming/David. “Prep for surgery,” he orders Whale/Victor. Snow/Mary Margaret wonders if anybody else has noticed that it smelled like Greg was drunk. Suddenly Greg’s phone starts to ring with the theme from “Star Wars.” Somebody’s trying to find him.


Back in Frankenstein’s lab, Gold/Rumple comes and asks him about his work. He laments that he’s been shut down so he can’t bring back the dead. Magic is weak in Frankenstein’s world, but  strong in Gold/Rumple’s. Gold/Rumple wants to fund his research in exchange for Frankenstein teaching him his secrets on how to restore life. He dumps a bunch of shiny gold coins at Frankenstein’s feet, and he agrees. Gold/Rumple leaves and Igor arrives. He tells Igor they’re back in business and to bring the lab equipment back. Now they have to find a body.


They go to a graveyard where his soldier brother sees him and is disgusted with what he’s doing. When they’re fired upon by a soldier they run to the carriage and Frankenstein sees that his brother has been hit and is dying. In the lab, he and Igor try desperately to bring his brother back to life. They open his chest and discover his heart looks like a burned up coal that’s still steaming. At that moment, their father comes in and sees his other son dead on Whale/Victor’s lab slab. He’s happy to see his other son, then sees the open chest without a heart. He thinks Whale/Victor is experimenting on his brother. “I want you to have two sons,” laments Frankenstein to his father. “And now I have none,” his father says as he leaves in disgust. This is an interesting role for Gregory Itzin after some of the despicable characters he’s played on other shows.


At Gold/Rumple’s shop, Gold/Rumple caresses the tea cup. He goes to the door to look out and when he turns around a case magically appears, followed by a magically appearing Cora. Up to no good as usual. Although he had hoped she was dead, Cora has brought a peace offering (or will it be a piece offering). He wants his son. She wants her daughter. He’s more interested right now in knowing if she has a spell to restore Belle’s memories, but it turns out she only knows what Gold/Rumple originally taught her. Too bad. She calls him “Master.” She wants him to find the one person who may still love him; his son. They shake. She kisses him on the lips “like we used to” to seal the deal.


Back at the hospital, Whale/Victor is staring at Greg’s watch. Remembering no doubt of the watch his father once gave him. He hasn’t gotten ready for the surgery yet and tells Charming/David that Greg isn’t drunk and he won’t let somebody die just because they may have seen something they shouldn’t have. Then he walks away.


Meanwhile Greg’s phone keeps ringing and they debate whether they should answer it. Somebody comes looking for Whale/Victor because he never made it to the operating room. They try to page him and call him, but discover that his phone and pager are in a hospital clothes hamper. Whale/Victor has disappeared. Ruby/Red sniffs his lab coat and starts tracking him. Charming/David observes that Whale/Victor hasn’t been the same since he helped resurrect Regina’s Daniel. “Daniel came back to life like some type of Frankenstein,” Charming/David says. Whale/Victor is seen running away, visibly upset, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.


Meanwhile, Cora is poking around Regina’s house. She sniffs Regina’s clothes and snoops around looking at pictures and finds a handprint in clay Henry made for her.


“Henry” goes to the crypt where he knows his mother, Regina, is hiding and calls to her. Regina sees him through her magic window and lets him in. They hug and he tells her he misses her. They talk about Archie. He knows she didn’t kill him because … “Henry” reveals that he’s really Cora, “I did it.” “Mother?” Regina says, dumbfounded. She wants to know how Cora ended up in Storybrooke. Cora knows why Regina tried to kill her, but she loves her and wants to show her. She knows she never should have made her marry the King. Cora framed her with Archie’s “death” so she could see what people really thought of her. Regina wants Cora to confess to the town. She agrees as long as it means that they can start over. But she probably has more ulterior motives brewing in her brain.


Back in Frankenstein’s lab, Gold/Rumple comes and asks if it worked and finds out it didn’t. Gold/Rumple tells Frankenstein that in his land there are magic hearts and he’ll send somebody to Regina who will give him one of these magic hearts for his brother. When he gets the magic heart he puts it in Gerhardt’s chest and takes Gerhardt to show his father that he’s alive again. At first his father is thrilled, but when he takes a candle to look closer Gerhardt grunts and protects his face from the flame. His Father is outraged. “At first I believed you,” his father says, “but you’re a monster. A disgrace.” Their father begins hitting Frankenstein and Gerhardt attacks and kills their father. Frankenstein watches, detached, and stops him when he realizes their father is dead. When Gerhardt realizes what he did he runs away.


Frankenstein follows him, but Gerhardt starts to attack him. Then he realizes it’s his brother. “Victor?” he asks. Frankenstein tries to explain that he was just trying to bring him back. Gerhardt crawls into a corner and covers his head in his hands and cries. Frankenstein takes a gun and holds it to his brother’s head, but he can’t do it. When he lowers the gun, Gerhardt grabs it and points it at his own forehead, a pleading look on his face to please kill the monster his brother has now made of him. But Frankenstein still can’t do it. “Father was wrong,” he tells Gerhardt. “I will find a way.” He locks Gerhardt in the cell for safe keeping.


Ruby/Red finds Whale/Victor at the water. He’s holding the watch and yells to Ruby/Red to go away. He tosses the watch in the water and jumps in after it. Ruby/Red, being a werewolf, speeds to the water and grabs him before he can even get wet. Whale/Victor tells Ruby/Red that Gold/Rumple told him that magic comes with a price, but so does science. Seems like whenever he tries to save a life someone dies. She confesses that she ate her boyfriend. Maybe it was a good thing that Regina erased their memories and put them in Storybrooke. “I wanted Frankenstein to stand for life, not a monster,” he says. “I want to bring back life.” Maybe they can both take advantage of a fresh start. She tells him that somebody keeps trying to call Greg, so maybe he can fix him.


Back at the hospital he tells them he was just stretching his legs as he and Ruby/Red share a smile before he goes to the ER. Afterward, Whale/Victor thanks Ruby/Red “monster to monster.” “He’ll live,” he tells everybody, and Greg will be fine after a few weeks of recovery. “This will come to no good,” laments Leroy/Grumpy.


Even though they all want to bombard Greg, Emma says it’s better if she just goes in. After all, how would it look in a normal town to have the Sheriff and her parents all go in to talk to a normal guy. They all see the wisdom of this and let her go in by herself.


As Regina drives Cora into town, Cora produces Henry’s handprint. Regina is angry that Cora was in her house. Regina tells her she doesn’t want the love of the town. She just wants Henry back. Cora tells her she just wants her daughter, Regina, back. She promises Regina that she’ll do better, and together they can get Henry back. Regina rests her head on Cora’s shoulder as Cora strokes her hair. She asks Cora how they’ll get him back. “I have a few thoughts,” she says as she smiles wickedly.


Gold/Rumple tries one more time to try and get Belle to remember him. He brings her the little tea cup that Belle had dropped in his castle because she thought she had made him mad, chipping it. He tells her it’s a “talisman” and that it’s magic. Agitated, she tells him to go away. She grabs the cup he’s holding and pushes it and his hands away. “Quit talking about magic,” she yells, then takes the cup and flings it against the wall where it shatters. She tells him to go. Dejected and devastated, he tells her he’s sorry again and slowly walks out, as shattered as his treasured tea cup.


When Emma goes in to see Greg he thinks she’s a nurse. She tells him she’s really the sheriff and gives him some water. He tells her he’s afraid he killed somebody, but she assures him that the injury was minor. She wants to know what he saw. He said that he was texting and when he looked up he saw a guy standing there and hit him. That’s all. He didn’t see anything else. Emma tells him she’s going to let him go with a warning. He can go home as soon as the doctor clears him. “I’m glad you were honest with me,” she tells him.


Everybody is relieved when Emma tells them Greg didn’t see any magic. They’re “free and clear,” she tells them.


Back at Gold/Rumple’s shop, he unpacks the white globe and prinks his finger on the spindle-type protrusion on the top.  He puts a drop of his blood on the globe and the blood swirls and coalesces into a world map. “Bang,” he says. Must have seen where Bae is!


Back at Emma’s house it looks like they’re fixing dinner. Henry wants to know what happened. They tell him about the fight between Gold/Rumple and Hook, about Belle being shot, and how Dr. Frankenstein saved a stranger who came to town. When they mention “Frankenstein” he becomes concerned because Frankenstein wasn’t in his book or their story. It’s not even a fairy tale. “It comes from another land with different stories,” he tells them. If the curse involves other stories, then who knows who else may be in town.


Their conversation is interrupted when Gold/Rumple knocks on the door and tells Emma it’s time to cash in the favor she owes him. Pack her bag because she’s coming with him to go and find his son. It has to be today because, “Every minute I’m here is a minute closer to me killing Hook.” And since they have a long history, “Know this, and know it to be true, if any harm comes to Belle while I’m gone I’m killing all of you.” He looks at Emma, “I’ll see you at noon.”


At the hospital, Greg frantically looks for a phone and calls his wife.  He tells her he was in an accident but he’s okay. “Honey, you’re not going to believe what I saw!” So much for honesty!!!


Next episode is “Tiny” on 2/10/2013 when Jorge Garcia returns as Anton, the Giant, who unleases his vengeance on the town when a case of mistaken identity leads him to try and settle an old score with David; Gold/Rumple, accompanied by Emma and Henry, attempts to depart Storybrooke, hoping to keep his memory intact when he crosses the town line, and heads to the airport in search of his son Bae; and Greg (Ethan Embry) questions Belle as to what she saw on the night of his car accident. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, and against his brothers’ wishes, Anton, the Giant, climbs down the beanstalk and attempts to befriend some humans, whose intentions may not be so noble. What fun will all that be?



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