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Once Upon a Time, Flashback and Emma Scoop From Jennifer Morrison

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/20/2013

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time: Regina, Henry, Emma and Neal related scoop from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello



Here’s some new Once Upon a Time Scoop from TVlins’s Ask Ausiello, February 19, 2013 Post.



Question: Is there any chance Once Upon a Time fans will ever get a flashback to the day Regina first adopted Henry? —Lanie

Ausiello: In a manner of speaking, yes. “We are going to explore the origins of what made Regina go get Henry,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz reveals, “what made Regina want a child.”

Question: Once Upon a Time‘s Henry/Neal/Emma rocked “Manhattan.” What’s next for my favorite family? —Patti

Ausiello: What’s next? Uh, major complications. ”Emma’s not going to forgive Neal or ask for him to be in her life romantically, but she at least feels that it would probably be best for Henry to have Neal in his life,” Jennifer Morrison told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “But in the midst of Emma asking Neal [about that], it’s revealed to her that he has a fiancee, a whole life that’s been going on. So, that definitely is complicated!”


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