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Once Upon a Time In Wonderland Cast Talk From EP Zack Estrin

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/08/2013

PETER GADIOT, SOPHIE LOWEOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland: Scoop on the cast of the show from E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos



Here’s some scoop on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat column, which was posted on 8/8/13.



McKenna in Providence: I’m intrigued by Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but who is that girl that plays Alice? I’ve never seen her before.

Woah, now! That girl is a lovely Australian actress known as Sophie Lowe, and she’s enchantingly talented. We’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s a reason that you probably don’t recognize her. Wonderland executive producer Zack Estrin says that they really wanted their cast to be filled with a lot of low-profile actors and actresses, so you fans wouldn’t be distracted from the story. “It’s kind of like the indie film version of Wonderland. Our faces are fresh and you’re coming in and you aren’t saying, ‘Oh look there’s Buffy as Alice!’ Sophie is amazing our cast is great and we’re really excited.” Plus audiences will fall in love with Lowe’s kickass interpretation of Alice. Estrin reveals, “Any girl that went down the rabbit hole and had that kind of guts is going to grow up to be a pretty amazing woman.” We already love her!


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