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OUAT, Jamie Dornan Returns as Sheriff Graham

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/13/2013

ONCE-UPON-A-TIME-Season-2-Episode-17-Welcome-To-Storybrooke-12_595_slogoOnce Upon a Time, Jamie Dornan Returns as Sheriff Graham



Here’s the scoop for Once Upon a Time posted by Tierney Bricker at E!Online on March 13th, 2013.



Mona: When is my handsome sheriff returning to Once Upon a Time?

You must be talking about the one and only hipster Sheriff Graham, aka Jamie Dornan. He is set to return in an upcoming flashback episode, and most of his scenes will be with Lana Parrilla. “You’ll see the charming, handsome Jamie Dorman and I think there’s a cute flirtation between them,” she tells us. “Regina is excited to have him back in her life.” Then why did you kill him, huh?! Sorry, we flew off the handle. Having a tough time letting that death go.




Once Upon a Time returns with episode 2×17 Welcome to Storybrooke on Sunday Mar. 17th, 2013 8/7c to ABC.


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