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Once Upon a Time, Neal’s Fiancee Scoop From Eddy Kitsis!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/08/2013

Once Upon a Time, Neal's Fiancee Scoop From Eddy Kitsis!Once Upon a Time: Scoop on Neal’s fiancée from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich



Here’s some scoop on Once Upon a Time from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 3/7/13.



Will Neal’s fiancée play a role in future Once Upon a Time episodes? –Devin

Yes — though probably not in quite the way you expect. And that’s all I’ll say, for now, on the matter… so here’s series cocreator Eddy Kitsis, pre-PaleyFest: “Tamara’s not going anywhere anytime soon…. We’re very excited for the audience to see what she’s all about.” (Ooh, Devin, you came so close to asking the question I have a tantalizing response for. Maybe next week….)


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