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Once Upon a Time, Regina Spoilers From Adam Horowitz

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/28/2013

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time, Regina Spoilers From Adam Horowitz




Here’s some new Once Upon a Time Scoop from TVlins’s Matt’s Inside Line, February 27, 2013 Post.


Once Upon a Time

Since many – myself included – have speculated that Cora cast some sort of spell on her daughter, and that’s why Regina seems to have abandoned her redemption tour, I asked the series’ creators if we are onto something. Short answer: Nope. As Eddy Kitsis reminds, “In Episode 9, we saw Regina say, ‘I have to kill you, Mother. Your grip on my heart is too strong.’ So while the audience is right to be wary of Cora, and Regina is right to be wary of her mother’s true intentions, we can never forget how important the need to get your mom’s approval and love is.” Adam Horowitz meanwhile offered this teaser for fans of Lana Parrilla’s ever-unpredictable alter ego: “We’re going to see some Regina unleashed!”


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