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Orphan Black 2×04 “Governed as It Were by Chance” Spoiler

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/09/2014

Orphan Black KeyArt

Orphan Black 2×04 “Governed as It Were by Chance” Spoiler


Orphan Black returns with  its second season of Saturday, April 19th, at 9pm of BBC America.


Orphan Black 2×04 Spoiler

Sarah comes home to look for answers. With Cosima’s help, she digs into the origins of the clone experiment. The hunt takes her right into the belly of the beast, but getting out again could cost her more than she knows. 

Orphan Black 2×04 “Governed as It Were by Chance” Spoiler

New on Orphan Black 2×04 ,  Sarah was looking for her Daughter Kira when we last saw her and the hunt continues. We can only guess as to who it was that took her. It could be pro-clone Rachel or it could have been Ms. C. Either way I don’t think Sarah will stop at nothing to get her little girl back.


While  Cosima and  Alison struggle with life or death decisions Will they take the offer of pro-clone Rachel and Dr. Leekie. We know from season one that  Cosima like the Russian she is sick and she will have to make a decision soon if she wants to live long enough to get to the truth about the clones.


Orphan Black‘s Alison will have to deal with her decision to do nothing when it came to her friend Aynsley from across the when she and Donny end up going to her  funeral. I was kind of floored that she stood there and watched her friend die like that, being that Alison is suck a goody-goody. I hope she does something to try to make amends somehow.


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