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Orphan Black Season 2 Character Pictures

Written by Jess Yacovelle   // 04/15/2014

Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black

Orphan Black Season 2 Character Pictures


Here are the character pictures from season 2 of Orphan Black. The show returns to BBC America on April 19th at 8pm.


These recently released Orphan Black pictures show Tatiana Maslany at her best – namely, as four different characters partaking in various alliances. Sarah, Cosmia, Allison, and Rachel are each tied up with their own friends and allies in these pictures, and it’s quite telling.


Felix and Allison are obviously still the most awkwardly adorable pair of besties to ever grace our TVs, but what is Paul doing with Rachel? And who is the attractive mystery guy Sarah is hanging around? It looks like her once upon a time fling with Paul is over and she’s moved on to someone who isn’t involved with Rachel and Dr. Leekie. This isn’t too much of a shock; she can hardly continue to bat her eyes at Paul if he’s allowed himself to go back into the pocket of Rachel, especially since she kidnapped Sara’s daughter.


Might that be how Sara and the new guy meet? I have to imagine that her number one priority this season is to get Kira back; any alliances she makes, romantic or otherwise, have to be pointed towards her motherly goal. Either way, we’ll find out on April 19th.


Orphan Black Season 2 Character Pictures

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima in Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany as Rachel in Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany as Allison in Orphan Black


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