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Oxygen Reality Series “I’m Having Their Baby”

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/12/2012

OxygenOxygen has just announced a new reality series, “I’m Having Their Baby” which will follow two pregnant women each episode who have decided to place their babies for adoption.







It really makes me wonder how far can reality televsion go? We have a television show called 7 Days of Sex which follows couples who agree to have sex every day for 7 days. There is a post-coital webcam clip following each sexual encounter. Soon (pending litigation) we may have a show called Glass House which is a little bit like Big Brother, except that the audience gets to vote on what the contestants will do, wear, or even eat.

I really thought that our society had hit the ceiling on how far reality shows could take us, but this announcement about a reality show called, “I’m Having Their Baby,” really takes reality TV one step further.

“I’m Having Their Baby” is a new Oxygen reality series that follows women who have made the heart-wrenching decision to put their baby up for adoption. It follows these women through the difficult emotional processes, and also shows the adoptive couple if available.

Viewers of “I’m Having Their Baby” will also witness the birth of the child, and the final decision that each woman has to face. Oxygen states that one thing all of the women on this new reality series will have in common is that they want a bright future for their baby, and also want a better life for themselves.

“’I’m Having Their Baby’ represents a unique program offering for Oxygen, one that shows an honest portrayal of women who are in the midst of dealing with the most difficult decision of their lives,” said Rod Aissa, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media. “These human interest stories are extremely powerful and relatable to our predominately female audience, as it reveals themes of love, hardship, and strength.”

The first episode of Oxygen’s “I’m Having Their Baby” will feature 28 year-old Amanda who has two sons and also cares for her boyfriend’s son. Amanda knows how much work goes into taking care of the three boys she has, and doesn’t feel that her current financial situation will allow her to support another child. Mariah, an 18 year old pregnant girl with an infant, will also be featured on the first episode of “I’m Having Their Baby.”

“I’m Having Their Baby” Premieres Monday, July 23 at 11 p.m.


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