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Paranormal Activity 4 Full Length Trailer

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/01/2012

Paranormal Activity



Horror franchises are the most lucrative film franchises in the world. The key, make the first  film fantastic and scary and then repeat the format until the generation walks away.


I’d say a film or TV generation lasts about eight years, enough time where teens enter their twenties and people in their twenties are approaching or entering their thirties. A persons late teens and late twenties are key transitional times in their lives, but before they transition, they experience their generation.


I am 29 and the two horror franchise I experienced were Scream in my early teens and Saw in my early twenties. I have since walked away from both of them. I didn’t watch scream 4 in the theaters, the first Scream I didn’t buy a Box Office ticket for and I didn’t see the last couple of Saws in the theater either, but I remember when I was in college, it being an October tradition.


After Saw V in October 2008, I found myself not only looking around embarrassed to be there, but I distinctly remember asking myself, what I am doing here while I was in the line waiting to enter the theater. I was over it.


Well, Paranormal Activity is the current generations Horror franchise, and like the two I lived through, the franchise is cheap, has a fantastic youth following and makes huge banks at the box office.


Paranormal Activity made $107 million dollars in ’09. The Production budget was $15,000. Paranormal Activity 2 made $177 million dollars world wide in ’10. The Production Budget was $3 million. Paranormal Activity 3 made $205 million dollars world wide and had a production budget of only $5 million.


So you see, Paramount will keep rolling out Paranormal Activity‘s until the current generations, who make up most of the box office push, grow up or grow tired of them and they should, its great business. Horror Franchises always have been and always will be. I didn’t even mention Jason, Freddy, and Michael.


Paranormal Activity


The Teaser For Paranormal Activity 4


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