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Parenthood Season 4 Scoop, Amber and Zeek May Have A Problem

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/10/2012

Parenthood Season 4 ScoopParenthood: Zeek, Amber and Sarah related scoop on season 4



Here’s some scoop on Parenthood from Carina Adly MacKenzie’s Monday Kickstart column for the week of 9/10/12.




“Parenthood”: Remember how excited we were when we found out that Matt Lauria would play an Afghanistan vet who bonds with Zeek over their shared experience in the army? We’re even more excited to learn that he’s going to share a particularly close connection with Amber, too. Not so thrilled about that connection? Sarah. She worries that her daughter is once again in over her head.



Oh, Parenthood, why must you make the Braverman world so complicated!? Oh, right, because its entertaining. Here is yet another show that will dive into the war vetren storyline. It’s a bit played out, but I love our service men so why not. I just hope he isn’t clinched and all tweaked out.


Parenthood which barely got a renewal last season will return for its fourth season on Tuesday September 11, 2012 at 10pm on NBC. Yes, that is only one day away! The Fall TV season is officially upon us. Parenthood stars a huge ensamble cast, so I won’t name them all: Dax Shepard, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, and much, much more.




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