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Parks and Recreation, 5×16 Ann and Chris Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/27/2013

Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation, 5×16 Ann and Chris Scoop!



Here’s some new Parks and Recreation scoop from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz, February 26, 2013 Post.



Are Ann and Chris really going to have a child together on Parks and Recreation?Shawn

NATALIE: Yes, but it’s not like Ann will be knocked up in the next episode. In fact, there will be several hurdles for them to jump along the way, the first of which is Chris actually saying yes. “He’s a much healthier and more stable human being than he was even a year ago,” showrunner Mike Schur tells me. “But this is a huge step and we wanted to honor the hugeness of it by having him really consider what it means for him, and having her consider what it means for her. Obviously they’re not dating, but they did once date, so they really have to hash it out and figure out if it’s the right move for them.”


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