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Parks and Recreation, Pawnee’s MIA Mayor Scoop and Leslie News!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/26/2012

Parks and Recreation Pawnee's MIA Mayor Scoop and Leslie News!Parks and Recreation: Leslie and April related scoop and more



Here’s some scoop on Parks and Recreation from this week’s (Posted on 9/25/12) Ask Ausiello column.


Question: I saw that Parks and Recreation has an episode coming up called “Leslie vs. April.” Context, please? —Missi 

Ausiello: A newly empowered April returns from D.C. determined to take on a more active role at work. There’s just one problem: The new initiative she pitches conflicts with an idea Leslie already has in the pipeline. Cue fireworks in Pawnee!

Question: Is this the season Parks and Rec will finally introduce Pawnee’s MIA mayor? —Jonathan 

Ausiello: Exec producer Mike Schur remains very much on the fence about whether to introduce the man, the myth, the legend. “We’re of two minds about it; if we could find the right, perfect person and we could do a storyline that involved the mayor, we would be happy to do it,” he says. “But there’s also something to be said for never seeing the mayor. There’s something to be said for the mayor being our version of Norm’s wife on Cheers, and just saying that the mayor is just this funny figure, a shadowy person who we never really get to meet. If Bill Murray called us tomorrow and said, ‘Hey, can I do your show?’ We would write a very big, juicy episode for him to appear in. [Laughs] But we don’t want to do it just to do it… It’s just a completely accidental thing that we’ve referenced the mayor a number of times and never seen him, and now I weirdly kind of like that we’ve never seen him.”



Can you believe it!? We are already into the second week of Parks and Recreation. The show is back in one day. Parks and Recreation episode, 5×02 ‘Soda Tax,’ airs on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 9:30pm on NBC.


Parks and Recreation Ratings Note:

Parks and Recreation had a disastrous season premiere last week on September 20th. The season 5 premiere was watched by only 3.5 million viewers. Why is that disastrous? Well, Parks and Rec was on the bubble of being cancelled last season, and those rating didn’t help.


To put that rating into context, Season one of Parks and Recreation premiered to 6.77 million viewers. Season 2 of Parks and Rec, back in 2009, premiered to 5 million viewers. Season three premiered to 6.14 million viewers and last year the show saw major ratings dips as the fourth season premiered to only 4.11 million viewers. NBC was desperately hoping for a bounce back, instead the show lost over a half a million season premiere year-to-year viewership.


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