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Parks and Recreation Showrunner Mike Schur Scoops The Lucy Lawless Story-Arch

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/04/2012

Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation: Scoop on Lucy Lawless’ character




Here’s some scoop on Parks and Recreation from this week’s (Posted on 10/2/12) Ask Ausiello column.




Question: Anything on Parks and Recreation? —Steven 

Ausiello: How about an update on Ron’s love life? Showrunner Mike Schur says guest star Lucy Lawless’ character Diane (debuting this Thursday) will be “tall and striking and beautiful and commanding and very funny and charming and smart and capable… everything Ron would look for in a woman.” But her life as a single mom to two young and unruly girls, which Schur calls “a little messier than [Ron's] accustomed to,” makes him go back and forth on whether he’d like to pursue a relationship with her. If I may, Ron, a little advice: It’s Lucy freaking Lawless – take the win!



I’ve been a huge fan of Lucy Lawless for several years, so I’m really excited to see her on Parks and Recreation. One of the reasons why I’m so excited to see her on Parks and Recreation is because I love seeing actors that I like in all kinds of roles, which I discussed in the casting news about H. Jon Benjamin guest-starring on Suburgatory (Suburgatory: H. Jon Benjamin Cast as Dallas’ Life Coach in Season 2-TVLine). Plus, this whole scenario about her playing a love interest for Ron sounds instantly hilarious. I just hope the writers name her character Tammy to continue the trend of Ron liking women whose name is Tammy.


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