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Patrick St. Esprit Cast as Romulus Tread in Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/06/2012

patrick st esprit Cast in Catching FireProducer Nina Jacobson and Director Francis Lawrence continue to fill roles in’ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.’


The latest actor to join the film frachise is Sons of Anarchy’s Patrick St. Esprit, who will play Romulus Thread.


Romulus Tread is the head Peacekeeper. He’s from district 12. In Catching Fire he’s known as a harsh and unforgiving man. A peacekeeper’s job is to enforce the laws of the evil Capitol and Thread is willing to do whatever it takes, going to such extremes as to whip people who defy The Capitol and President Snow.


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Patrick St. Esprit isn’t a particularly  interesting actor to be frank. He’s a veteran actor though who’s been in tons of good films. He was in Super 8, We Were Soldiers, Green Zone and 12 episodes of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’  He can be nasty in some of his roles and that nasty side is what got him this part I’m sure.


This is the second piece of casting news we have gotten from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire over the last week. On the 2nd of August we learned Lionsgate and the filmmakers of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had cast Lynn Cohen in the role of Mags.


The Hunger Games Catching Fire Casting


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