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Person of Interest 2×10 Shadow Box Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/14/2012

Person of Interest Shadow BoxPerson of Interest 2×10 Shadow Box Recap and Review

Person of Interest 2×10 Guest stars: Jessica Collins as Abby;  Jeremiah Birkett as Planning Office Manager; Brennan Brown as Special Agent Donnelly;  Olivia Birkelund as Laura Reese;Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn;  Brendan Griffin as Macavoy;  Allan Louis as Det. Olson; John Bedford Lloyd as Philip Chapple;  Robert John Burke as Simmons; Brian J. Smith as Shayn Coleman; Tim Bohn as Conor;  Sterling K. Brown as Det. Cal Beecher; Jason Babinsky as Uniform #1

Person of Interest episode 2×10, “Shadow Box” opens with a shot of a man (Brian J. Smith as Shayn Coleman) dressed in motorcycle leathers and helmet crashing through a glass door and smashing the top glass of glass case with his right hand.

As Finch and Reese wash Bear, they discuss their new Peson of Interest, Abby.  They call Carter to get some info on Abby.  Reese leaves to find Abby as Finch reminds him that it’s his turn to dry Bear, “After all, he’s your dog!”  As Reese leaves, Bear shakes the water off, giving Finch a mini-shower!

The FBI’s Agent Donnelly returns in this episode and he’s gushing that he’s closing in on the Man in the Suit and wants Carter to come on as a temporary agent with the hopes of becoming a permanent FBI agent.  He tells her that the “Man in the Suit” may be working for the Chinese and may have recruited FBI Agent Snow.  Carter calls Finch to tell him that Donnelly is on Reese’s scent and he should be careful.

Meanwhile, Fusco’s HR problems rear its ugly head again.  Fusco overhears Detective Cal Beecher ask Carter for another date.  Carter’s kind of cool on the idea, so she doesn’t commit.  However Fusco is suspicious that Beecher is connected with HR.  Later in the episode, Fusco spies on Beecher as he talks to the head of HR in Crown Heights.  HR wants to bring Elias and the Russians into their operation.  Simmons has followed Fusco and wants to know what he’s doing watching Beecher.  Simmons tells him to go home.  Fusco threatens Simmons and tells him to watch his back.  Looks like Beecher is keeping an eye on Carter for HR.

Carter goes to the Office of City Planning to find some info on the break-in and discovers Reese there, impersonating Officer Jennings.  Reese stole Jennings’ badge since Jennings wasn’t using it.  Carter and Reese discuss where Abby Monroe lives.  Carter tells Reese that Donnelly and the FBI is closing in on him.  Reese tells her that he’s heard about the FBI offer and thinks it might be something she should consider.

Carter tracks down the camera footage of the guy in leathers smashing the key case.  She’s not too happy when she realizes that Reese and Finch are watching the footage on her computer. Master computer genius Finch has hacked into it.  Reese realizes the reason the guy smashed the case with his bare hand because it’s a prosthetic.  They identify the man as Shayn Coleman, a vet who lost his right arm.  His home was foreclosed on and his fiancé broke up with him.  He’s an explosives expert and he’s also stolen some explosives.  He and Abby are planning some type of heist.  Carter puts an APB out for Abby and Shayn.  Finch and Reese have to find them first.

Reese goes to Abby’s apartment and finds out she had a brother, Josh, who was killed in the service.  He also finds a video tape she made to her parents where she tells them that she’s involved in something and she’s doing it because it’s right.  Josh would be proud of her and she hopes that they’ll be proud of her, too.  Abby returns to her apartment and after a mini-fight with Reese tells him about the fraudulent foreclosures the Chapple had done on vets’ houses and she and Shayn are working together to steal the evidence to convict him.  She’s going to do the right thing.  Reese calls Finch to let him that Abby is involved with Shayn and what they’re planning and tells Finch that he’s going to help them.

Finch has gone to Abby’s workplace and talked to her boss, Chapple, who told him she was stealing from the company, moving money around from one account to another, so he fired her.  Smarty Finch knows that Chapple put a bug in his pocket, so he takes the bug and puts it in some laundry on a laundry truck.  He proudly tells Reese this as he also tells him that Chapple has now sicced two gunmen on him.  Reese asks him what they look like.  “They look like you, Mr. Reese!”

Finch decides to go into the place after it closes to check things out, but when he does he discovers that the alarm has been tampered with, after which he’s attacked by Shayn.  Finch tells him he knows who he is and knows what he’s planning, so while Shayn breaks into the safe to get a piece of paper with the safety deposit box number, Finch checks some stuff out on the computer.  When they’re discovered by the two gunmen that Chapple sicced on Finch, they rush out and Shayn hops on his motorcycle as Finch tries to quickly limp away.  Shayn realizes he’s going to have to rescue Finch, so he spins the motorcycle around and Finch hops on.

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Reese, Abby, and Shayn go to the bank and blow a hole in the wall.  Then they blow the floor, which is the ceiling of the safety deposit vault.  When they drop through the hole they find the safety deposit box that corresponds to the number that was on the slip of paper that Shayn found in the safe.  There are documents showing the foreclosures and $30 mil in bills.  Just what they need to convict Chapple.

By this time it’s morning and time for the bank to open up.  Chapple arrives at the bank hoping to get his documents and money, while Finch goes into the bank to rescue Abby and Shayn with false IDs as insurance agents.  Unfortunately, the FBI, with Donnelly and Carter, is closing in on Reese, who is stuck in the vault shooting it out with the two gunmen that Chapple has sicced on Finch.

Finch contacts Fusco and asks for his help to extricate Reese.  By the time the FBI makes their way to the vault where Reese is, Fusco has put together a “Man in the Suit” scam.  One of the FBI guys says, “Here’s your Man in the Suit” and turns a man around, but it’s not Reese.  Then three other “Men in Suits” are lined up, one of which is Reese.  Donnelly asks Carter which one is the real “Man in the Suit” but she says she can’t identify him.  So all of them are cuffed and taken away.

So now we have to wait until January to learn the Reese’s fate.  Will he slip through the cracks?  Will Donnelly decide that somehow the real Man in the Suit escaped and release them all?  And what about Carter and Beecher?  Will Fusco bring down HR or will HR win?


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