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Person of Interest 2×13 Dead Reckoning Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/01/2013

Person of Interest 2×13 Dead Reckoning Recap and Review

Person of Interest 5x13 Dead ReckoningPerson of Interest 2×13 Dead Reckoning Synopsis:  Reese is abducted by an old acquaintance planning a massive act of cyber-warfare that could lead to Reese’s death.
Person of Interest 2×13 Guest / recurring stars: Annie Parisse as Kara Stanton; Michael Kelly as Agent Mark Snow; Brennan Brown as Special Agent Donnelly; Brian Hutchison as SAIC Brian Moss; Matt Deangelis as Petar; John Nolan as Greer; Maechi Aharanwa as Waitress; Mike Carlsen as Uni; Cameron Scoggins as Kevin; Andrew Guilarte as DOD Guard.


It always get tense when a main character is in jeopardy of losing their life. While I knew Reese would always be saved by the end, there’s always that question of how it will happen. I really liked the end. There was love and bonding all the way around, especially between Finch and Reese. Finch, out of his element a little, and Reese trying to calm him down and letting him know everything will be all right. In the end even Bear got a happy ending!


Person of Interest episode 2×13, “Dead Reckoning,” begins with a recap of last week’s episode with the car accident and Kara killing Donnelly. In a way it was really sad since he was just doing his job.


The next scene shows Reese waking up on a public bus, sitting beside Mark Snow. Across from them is Kara. Reese thought she was dead. Surprise, surprise! “I was never good at,” being dead. “Neither was I,” says Reese. As he looks down he sees that he’s wearing a bomb vest. “Welcome to the party,” says Mark, as he reveals that he’s also wearing a bomb vest. Kara tells them that as long as they do what she says they “remain intact.” She shows them her phone and tells them, “I have you both on speed dial.” She hands Reese a black bag. Reese wants to know what this is all about. “About the afterlife, John,” she says. “And negotiating our place in it.” Then she gets off the bus.


Fusco calls Carter and tells her Donnelly was shot dead in what looked like an ambush. When she arrives at the scene, she tries to act like she doesn’t know anything about it except for what Fusco told her. Fusco mentions that she’s missing an earring. An FBI Agent questions her about Donnelly. Did he say anything to her? Was he becoming paranoid? Could he have lost his perspective since he was obsessed with the “Man in the Suit” case. “I think Donnelly was a good agent,” she tells him. Fusco knows her well enough to know somethings going on. When he sees her rummaging around in the back of the overturned car he gives her earring back to her. She knows he knows something, but not what. He can probably guess it has something to do with Reese and Finch.


Finch tells Fusco Reese is missing and it may have something to do with Kara Stanton, although she’s supposed to be dead according to her death certificate.


Kara wants Reese and Snow to retrieve a hard drive from a man. When they go and get it, Kara orders Reese to kill the guy, but he refuses. Suddenly the chip in his vest starts to glow and bullets are shot through the window killing the man who gave Reese the hard drive. “Get the drive and get moving. And John, that’s your last warning,” she tells him.


To bring us up to speed on what happened after Kara was “killed” there’s flash back to 2010 when she and Reese are on the mission to steal a laptop that was sold to the Chinese and they’re both told the other has been compromised and has to be terminated. When she questions Snow about the mission he tells her, “This is strickly a two-man job.”


We’ve seen this flashback before. She shoots Reese and tells him it’s because he was compromised. “I had the same orders as you,” he tells her. The building blows up, but this time we continue with the flashback which shows Kara waking up in a hospital where she’s told she in the “after life”. A man at the foot of her bed tells her he knows everything about her and how she ended up in the bed. He shows her the hard drive she was sent to find. She tells him she doesn’t care about what’s on it. “Information is my business,” he tells her. The hard drive contains “an answer to a very interesting question.” But he doesn’t tell her what the question is. This mysterious man tells her he doesn’t work for the government and tells her a story about how the ancient Gods ate their young. He works for the old God, “unlike the CIA.” Then he tells her “I thinks you could be very useful.” She laughs at the thought. He knows she wouldn’t work for him for money, but he can give her something her old employers couldn’t or wouldn’t. An answer. She just has to ask the right question. She wants to know “who did this to me.” Must be the right question because the answer he gives her is, “the person who sold the laptop in the first place.”



Back in the now, Kara sits across from Reese and Snow in a diner. She tells them Mark has accepted his fate. Mark tells Kara and Reese that they’re both damaged goods. Kara instructs them to follow two men at the counter outside and steal their car. “Pretty sure they’ll object to that,” he tells her. Outside they beat the guys up and Mark aims a gun to kill one of them. “Killing civilians isn’t going to be part of this,” Reese tells him. In an earpiece, Kara tells them to take their ATF jackets as well as their car. The phones of one of the agents rings and Reese answers it and gets an address of where they’re supposed to go.


Bear is whining and Finch tells Bear, “We’ll get him back, Bear. I promise.” Carter gets the serial number for the hard drive that was stolen and discusses it with Finch. It’s a model made specifically for government installations which suggests that it probably stores something that of a highly sensitive or dangerous nature. When an unknown number (i.e., Reese) sends a coded message to Finch, “UXO.” he gives the message to Carter. It’s the military designation for unexploded ordenance. Carter realizes instantly that Reese has a bomb vest on. Carter will attempt to track down the location the message was sent from.


At the building they were instructed to go to, an officer tries to prevent them from entering, Reese tells him to get out of the way. Kara gives them the code to get onto the 21st floor and tells them to take out all the security items. When the elevators open, they shoots the two guards that shoot at them. They tie the men up and again Reese warns Snow not to try and kill either of the men. “I’m pretty sure the only person here who deserves to die is you,” Reese tells him. Snow tells him, “You have changed, John.” Yes, he has changed! As an incentive to get the job done, Kara activates their bomb vests. They have 14 minutes to get the job done. When they get in she tells them to look for a technician with high level clearance in a room with a door that says “Applied Research.”


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Carter has identified and arrived at the the location, which is an office building. They just got a bomb threat from the building. Finch has identified a company named Stillwater Imports, a shell corporation, on the 21st floor, even though the building directory only lists 20. Finch tells Carter he got the information on the restricted floor by hacking into the DOD after going to Times Square to get better wifi anonymity. Stillwater is a cover for the DOD’s cyber security operations center, monitoring and protecting sensitive government networks against cyber terrorism. Unofficially they develop weaponized malware. Finch thinks Kara’s employers want her to seal a cyber weapon. It could shut down the power grid and cripple communications, or worse. They must stop Kara. Carter tells Fusco they have to get to the top. “That’s 20 floors,” says Fusco. “21,” she tells him.


Reese tells Snow the roof is a “Sciff” and radio signals can’t get in or out. She tells them to get inside and Snow will do the rest. “Just get inside and don’t drag your feet. Don’t let me remind you how expendable you are,” she tells him. Reese grabs the technicians hand and uses it to get inside with the drive. Reese tells Snow they don’t have to do this. “There’s no signal. She can’t hear us. We can figure out a way to stop her,” says Reese, but Snow just keeps going with the agenda to upload the contents of the hard drive into the servers.


Reese is finally able to get in contact with Finch. Kevin, the technician, tells Reese what’s on the drives. “Signus” is what she may be looking for. In the wrong hands it could cripple major civilian networks. Even kill the entire Internet. “It could be used to shut down the machine,” Finch tells him. Reese assures him that, “I won’t let that happen.” Don’t you just love him! He tells Finch to stay clear of the building. It’s failsafe is to wipe the drives if it’s breached. Reese breaches it and  refuses to put the drive back in. Snow hits him. They fight. Kara walks in. The vests are armed. “Break it up boys,” she tells them. “I knew you wouldn’t follow orders, John.” “You’re too late I erased the drives.” He never was one for the bigger picture she tells him. All she wanted was for them to clear a path for her. She wasn’t planning on taking anything, but giving something instead. She’s initiating a cyber attack from inside “What have you done, Kara,” Reese asks. “My job, John,” she says. Reese tries to change her mind, to convince her to “let it go. It’s not too late.” She can end this, and she plans to. “It’s true what they say,” she tells him. “You can’t go home again. So long fellas.” She closes the door and jams it so it can’t be opened.


Kevin tells Reese if he overloads the room’s power supply it will trigger an emergency shutdown which will open the door. When it’s accomplished, Reese and Snow leave. Reese tells Snow they need to get clear of any civilians, but Snow attacks him, not caring about anybody else being in danger. “You’re wearing the self-sacrifice a little thin, don’t you think,” Snow asks Reese. Reese tells him the agency won’t take him back, “All that’s waiting for you is a black hood.” Snow leaves the building. Reese goes to the roof, resigned to being blown up, which is why he told Finch to stay clear of the building.


Carter and Fusco find Reese on the roof. He tells them to save themselves and leave him. “There’s no time. You’ve got too much to lose.” He tells them he has to do this, then thanks them. You can feel the love as they go, leaving Reese on the roof. But he’s not alone. He knows Finch is there.


“So I see I’m not too late,” says Finch. Reese knew he’d try something like this which is why he told him to stay clear. “Which is how I knew you’d put yourself in a situation like this, Mr. Reese,” says Finch. Reese tells him to stay where he is, then tosses the hard drive to him and tells him to find out what was on the hard drive and stop it. Finch tries coming closer, but Reese points a gun at him. “What are you going to do, shoot me?” he asks. This is his past catching up with him he tells Finch. It doesn’t concern you. “But this moment does,” says Finch. “I’m not leaving you here, John, so can we please stop wasting time.” Finch analyzes the vest. “Have you ever diffused a bomb vest before?” “Can’t say I have, but I believe I grasp the basic principles,” says Finch. That’s encouraging. Finch sees that Kara wired the phone to a trigger. If he can hack the phone he can unlock it and stop the bomb. “I have built the most complex computer systems in existence. I can certainly unlock a phone,” he assures Reese. He uncovers 5 possible combinations. “That’s good,” says Reese. The problem is they only get three attempts before the phone locks them out. “That’s not,” says Reese. Reese reminds him that at one time sooner or later they would both end up dead. “I’d prefer later,” Finch says. “After all, I’m the one that got you into this in the first place.” “I’m pretty sure I’d be dead already if you hadn’t found me,” Reese tells him with a little loving smile. “It’s hard to say,” responds Finch. “Not really,” Reese tells him. “Pick a winner, Harold.” He enters the first set of numbers, but the countdown is still running. “Guess that one didn’t work,” Reese says. Finch enters the next set of numbers. The countdown doesn’t stop. Finch is beside himself as Reese looks loving and with a tinge of sadness as his friend. Finch enters three numbers and hesitates on the last one. If it doesn’t work, they’re both dead. The countdown stops at seven seconds.


Kara calls the man from the hospital and tells him it was done. “We’ll take it from here,” he tells her. Now she wants the name. He says the person doesn’t exist on any known database but perhaps she will have better luck than he did . Kara gets in her car and tosses the phone on the passenger seat. When she looks in the rearview mirror, Snow looks back at her. “You were right, Kara, about me being dead. I’m gonna be great at it,” he tells her, and then the car blows up.


“Guess Snow retired after all,” says Reese. And so did Kara. Now she can have a real death certificate.


Finch works on decoding the hard drive. Reese comes in and is immediately attacked with love by Bear and knocks him to the ground as they play. They’re both so happy, and so is Finch as he smiles at them and continues to work on the hard drive.


An agent comes in and tells Carter that they had the description of the men who broke into the DOD facility. Mark Snow fits your description of the “Man in the Suit” so the case is now officially closed. They think Donnelly was after them so that’s why they killed him. Fusco asks her if everything is ok. “We’ll see,” she says.


Reese wants to know if the hard drive told Finch anything, but he says nothing yet. The malware protecting it is as sophisticated as the code she uploaded. But he was able to decode that fact that it will go live in a little less than give months. “What happens then,” Reese asks. “I suppose we’ll find out,” Finch tells him. Reese looks at the occupied, sophisticated, computer hacker. “Finch. Thank you,” he says. “Please. Don’t mention it,” says Finch.


The last scene is of the car, totally obliterated. Floating down into the ashes is a burnt piece of paper with a single name on it. “Harold.”


What an episode. Can’t wait for the Season Two DVD to come out so I can watch it again. I love it when the love between Reese and Finch burst upon the scene.



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