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Phillippe Will Make Directorial Debut With Thriller ‘Shreveport’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2012

Ryan PhillippeRyan Phillippe has had one of the most mercurial Hollywood careers of recent memory. His star power is constantly up and back down again. Kind of like his relationship with Reese Witherspoon.


He was good in White Squall as a skinny teenager. Then he became a teen idol in 1997, after I Know What You Did Last Summer stormed theaters across the nation. He was back at his teen idol ways in 1999, with Cruel Intentions and then gained twenty pounds to play Parker in the over looked Christopher McQuarrie drama, ‘The Way of The Gun.’ — Fucking love that movie. The weight gain though cost Ryan Phillippe his teen idol status.


He tried to come back with Anitrust, but that bombed, and so he concentrated on supporting roles in films like Robert  Altman’s ‘Gosford Park.’


He was back in 2004 however, by joining the cast of ‘Crash,‘ the ensemble drama that would go on to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Suddenly he was on the red carpet again, being interviewed by Joan Rivers. He followed up Crash with a good role in Clint Eastwoods Flags of Our Fathers and all seemed right in his career. But then he disappeared again. Popped back up in the SNL inspired, MacGruber and went back to drama with ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ a film I liked and a film I thought Ryan Phillippe nailed.


Well, now we get word that the actor will be making his directorial debut. Variety reports that Ryan Phillippe will direct and act in the indie thriller “Shreveport,” which he co-wrote with Joe Gossett. The story follows a has-been actor who is kidnapped while filming his latest project in the Louisiana city. The film sounds interesting.  He has plenty of on set experience and has worked with several great directors: Ridley Scott, Clint Eastwood, and Robert Altman to name a few. Hey, maybe Ryan Philippe will be the comeback kid once more. Like Ben Affleck, he may do it as a director.


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