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Pictures of Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller on Set of New CBS Drama, Elementary

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/09/2012

Elementary Set Photos

Elementary my dear Miss Watson.


Here are some leaked or rather paparazzi pictures from the set of CBS’s modern take on Sherlock Holmes titled, “Elementary.’


The new CBS drama series ELEMENTARY, a contemporary take on the legendary characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is set in New York City and features series stars Jonny Lee Miller (Holmes) and Lucy Liu (Watson). New Holmes. New Watson. New York. ELEMENTARY Premieres September 27, 2012 on CBS.


Many felt it was a controversial choice to cast Watson as a female sidekick in Lucy Liu — Too the horror on Sherlock Holmes fans. However, on reflection, I think it’s a smart choice. BBC’s TV Series Sherlock already has a hit and a firm grip on the classic  characters gone modern with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson.


Elementary Set Photos


Without Lucy Liu the comparisons would have been to stark to over come. This way, it’s a totally different show. Because lets face it, Elementary may be a good show, but I seriously doubt it can top BBC One’s Sherlock. So, bravo CBS, it looks like you have gotten another one right.


Look, I’m defiantly going to check this show out. What can I say, I love genius detectives. I love Sherlock, I love Psych, I love The Mentalist, I loved Law and Order Criminal Intent. I like watching cops solve murders and mysteries with their minds instead of their guns. Call me crazy, but its easy to shot a gun, but its hard to solve a crime with out pulling the trigger.




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