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Pretty Little Liars, Wren Related Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/22/2013

Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars, Wren Related Spoilers




How will Wren affect Spencer’s relationship with Toby when he returns to Pretty Little Liars? Zap2it got the scoop on January 14th, 2013 about Wren’s “unexplored” side.




Carina Adley MacKenzie reports on Wren’s return to “Pretty Little Liars”:


Now that Toby is looking less and less like a viable love interest for Spencer, we couldn’t help but wonder if she might seek some comfort in Wren (Julian Morris), who will be returning in Season 3B. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick suggests, though, that Wren may not be an ideal boyfriend, either. “He’s a snake!” he says. “We should be afraid of him. Anyone who functions in Rosewood on this show, and is that handsome, be afraid. He has some secrets and some things he’s not really leveled with, particularly because he had access to Mona — and Mona had access to him. Therefore, he’s someone we should exercise caution with. We don’t know what he knows or what he’s willing to do.”


TV Guide’s Adam Bryant had this to add to the “Pretty Little Liars” Spoilers:


“When Spencer finds out about Toby… somehow Wren just shows up at the right time,” Troian Bellisario tells us. “It’s like he has a sixth sense [about] when she’s hurting!” Or perhaps he too has dangerous intentions for Spencer? “There’s a side to Wren that hasn’t been explored yet. There’s a lot more fun waiting to happen there that’s not what you’d expect,” Bellisario says.



Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, January 22nd, with episode 3×16, Misery Loves Company, at 8:/7: Central.


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