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Private Practice Season 6 Premiere Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/15/2012

Private Practice season 6, Premiere ScoopPrivate Practice: Scoop on the season 6 premiere from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello


Here’s some scoop on Private Practice from this week’s (Posted on 8/14/12) Ask Ausiello column.


Question: Will Addison choose Sam or Jake on Private Practice? —Krissy 

Ausiello: We won’t find out until the very end of the season premiere. “We pick up three months later with her decision having been clearly made, but we don’t know what that is until the end of the episode,” reveals Jake’s portrayer, Benjamin Bratt. “You see Sam Bennett without clothes in one bedroom and you see [Jake] waking in another bedroom and you don’t [immediately] know where these characters are.” Addison isn’t the only one character dealt a curveball in the Sept. 25 opener. “Everybody has a huge, huge revelation in that episode or [receives] information that’s life-changing,” previews leading lady Kate Walsh. “It’s really good.”


Question: Every week I make the same the request and I’m hoping this will be the week it’s granted. Do you have any Private Practice scoop on Charlotte and Cooper? —Kriti 

Ausiello: Yep. Apparently, they’ll be unrecognizable when Season 6 starts up. “You’ve never seen them like you’re going to see them this season,” promises KaDee Strickland, before adding with a laugh, “and you’ve seen them a lot of different ways and positions, honey, so this is all new.” Elaborates co-star Paul Adelstein: “They have a son now so everything that happens to them or everything they want to do in their lives, they have this residual and major effect on this child. I don’t think they’ve really maybe thought that one through.” Bonus scoop: I can exclusively confirm that the title of the season premiere is “Aftershock.”



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