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Real World Frankie Dead At Age 25

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/17/2012

Frankie AbernathyReal World’s Frankie Dead at Age 25 – She openly discussed her diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis on Real World San Diego

Frankie Abernathy was one of the most memorable Real World houseguests, gracing others with her warmth and kindness. She had a great love for Hello Kitty and punk rock, and always provided a listening ear to others in the Real World San Diego home.

Frankie Abernathy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 3, and openly discussed it on the show. The official cause of death has not been announced, and her mother states that it was unexpected. Frankie’s mother, Abbie Hunter, told the media, “It wasn’t something that was expected. She was doing fine, and we really don’t know very much yet. It still was kind of a shock, and it just wasn’t how we figured things would go. It seems like her little body just gave out.”

During the Real World: San Diego taping, Frankie intentionally cut herself with a kitchen knife. Her mother, Abbie, states that cutting was not as widely known at the time and, “several people wrote Frankie and thanked her. She was a different person for ‘The Real World’ realm, and I think she touched a lot of people and made an impact on a lot of people’s lives. That’s what you want when you have a child — you hope they do that. I wish it had been in a different way, but I am proud of her, and as I said, she got a lot of personal growth out of her experience, and she was very fortunate to have had the experiences she did.”

Real World housemate Jamie Chung states, “It’s been a reality check for all of us that we need to keep in touch, because you never know what’s going to happen,” she continued. “We’re all going to miss her and are shaken up by this. It just came out of nowhere. I feel like a bad friend. The one person I should have kept in touch with, I didn’t.”

Housemate Cameran Eubanks stated, “The way Frankie dealt with her disease, it was always something where she was prepared. She was never the kind of girl who was scared of the fact that she knew she was going to die early. She knew it. She told us. She said, ‘You guys can look ahead to the rest of your lives, but I can’t. I have to have my fun, I have to be young, and I have to live every day as if it’s my last.’ She had that kind of mentality. It was never like, ‘Poor me, I’m going to die.’ She was never that kind of girl. And I think that’s what’s made it easier for me to handle, I guess.”

Services will be held Saturday morning in Blue Springs, Missouri, and her mother said a scholarship fund has been established in Frankie’s name at Blue Springs High School, Frankie’s alma mater. In lieu of flowers, fans can send donations to the Frankie Abernathy Scholarship Fund, c/o Jackie Langston, 1205 NW Roanoke Drive, Blue Springs, MO, 64015.

Frankie Abernathy Mourned By Friends and Fans:

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