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Reign 1×18 No Exit Extended Promo

Written by Mel v   // 04/21/2014

No Exit

Reign 1×18 No Exit Extended Promo


Next time on Reign, Penelope “Bean Queen” is starting to believe she has now taken the place of Queen Catherine.   King Henry is becoming more mad by the day which threatens the integrity of the French Court.  Forcing Francis to choose France over Scotland once more.


Can Francis stand by Mary and support her rule of  Scotland while France faces embarrassment from King Henry’s madness?  Will Mary finally spread her wings as Mary Queen of Scotland and leave Francis alone in the madness of French Court?  Find out  in Reign‘s  1×18 No Exit.


Reign 1×18 No Exit Extended Promo

The next episode of Reign 1×18 will air on Thursday, April 17th at 8 pm central on the CW.



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