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Reign 1×19 Toy Soldiers Promo and Synopsis

Written by Mel v   // 04/24/2014

Mary Running

Reign 1×19 Toy Soldiers Promo and Synopsis


Reign is moving fast towards concluding its first season.  Francis has already imprisoned Mary in the tower and he is not even king yet. Francis! Are you kidding me, talking about starting off on a rocky foot with Mary?  Hello, let’s meet Mary’s fiery temper and rage.  Can we say anger anyone.


Mary’s mother is surrounded by all sides and Scotland is on the verge of collapse.  At the end of the last episode on Reign, Mary’s brother James had sailed off back to Scotland without Mary.  Francis keeps promising Mary that they will both follow James to Scotland once business has concluded with Cardinal.


Reign 1×20 Toy Soldiers Synopsis

When Mary’s uncle, the Duke of Guise, arrives in France with devastating news about her mother, Mary and Francis realize they are torn between putting their own countries first or saving their marriage. With the English throne in jeopardy, King Henry hatches an elaborate plan that will end in disaster. Meanwhile, Bash and Kenna solidify their marriage and begin to trust one another.


Francis believes he has uncovered a plot by England to have Mary murdered.  Wary of Mary traveling alone with James, especially since James being a protestant that hates France and who also wants to be a king himself.  Mary who still believes in James and trusts him wants to go Scotland with or without Francis.


A storm is brewing and it is not just the seas.  Mary is the Queen of Scotland and will return not matter what is ahead of her. Strong willed and desires to be her father’s daughter through and through. Nothing will stop Mary and her protection for Scotland, definitely not a tower.


Francis, shame on you, should not have walked away from Mary thinking she would ever calm down.  Could you not hear Mary screaming your name?  Did you not see the storm? Reign’s music “Hollow Talk” by Choir of Young Believers was truly epic in this scene.  A firestorm is brewing, and it is not just the weather. Catch the next episode of Reign 1×19 Toy Soldiers on CW Thursdays at 8pm central on April 24th.


Reign 1×19 Toy Soldiers Promo

Watch Reign  Toy Soldiers on CW Thursdays at 8pm central on April 24th.


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