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Reign 1×20 Higher Ground Clip

Written by Mel v   // 05/01/2014

Reign Queen Catherine

Reign 1×20 Higher Ground Clip


Tonight on Reign 1×20 Higher Ground watch Queen Catherine confess her sins.  Wow!  Does the Holy Father have all day?  Queen Catherine has a plethora sins.  Hmmm… let’s just name a few:  killing at least a dozen Scotsman,   poisoned a few people,  Reign misery on Mary and the French Court, sent Medici family members to hunt down an innocent baby, and maybe just a few torture sessions here and there.  No, big deal, just the every day life of being the Queen of France.


Queen Catherine will needmore than a  few  Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s or should I say too many to count.   Her Rosary must huge or extremely long;  needless to say she will be busy. Maybe somewhere Queen Catherine will actually feel remorse for sins.  Who needs penance, anyway.   Poor Father, stunned from  her Confession will collapse from the weight of her sins; or has the Darkness reappeared?  Remember, Reign‘s The Darkness 1×15.


Poor Catherine, she has had such a tough time.   She has been running France, hiding King Henry madness, kicking out a “Bean Queen” Penelope, ruining Mary life, stomping on Nostradamus’s love life, and burning marriage contracts.  What is a Queen to do?  I know, try to stop King Henry from going to war with England.  Queen Catherine is a very busy girl.


Queen Catherine you have failed.  Your’s and King Henry’s  Reign is in jeopardy.  King Henry has started a war with England, and now Francis is in the middle of it.  Catherine, what are you going to do now?   Did you just kill Francis, by sending him into war?


Reign 1×20 Higher Ground Clip

War is coming to Reign 1×20 Higher Ground, are you ready.  Watch Reign tonight on the CW at 9/8 central.


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