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Reign 1×20 Higher Ground First Look Pictures

Written by Mel v   // 04/24/2014

Reign 1x20 Francis

Reign 1×20 Higher Ground First Look Pictures


In Reign‘s  Higher Ground Francis is heading into battle with the English and trying to save Scotland.  Mary’s faith in Francis has been shaken since being locked up in the tower and lack of action involving Scotland.  Francis needs to show his dedication to Mary by providing leadership with France’s troops.  King Henry madness is continuing his strong pursuit of the  English Crown with or without Mary wanting it.  King Henry will go after the English crown for himself to Reign.  Francis realizing how mad his father is tries to stop him before they lose two kingdoms trying to gain a third.


Meanwhile back at French Court Kenna and Bash will try to progress with their marriage.  Kenna is in fear for her life due to King Henry’s constant obsession and madness.  How will the marriage of Bash and Kenna ever work if the King still wants her?  Bash wants to protect Kenna  from his father.  Finally giving  him the resolution from his feelings for Mary and able to let Kenna in.  Can Bash actually move forward and begin a new life?  In the photos below are from Reign‘s Higher Ground.


Reign 1×20 Higher Ground First Look Pictures

Mary in Higher Ground Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-02_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-03_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-04_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-05_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-06_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-07_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-09_FULL Reign-Season-1-Episode-20-10_FULL





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