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Revenge 2X08 Lineage Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012

Revenge 2X08 Lineage RecapRevenge Season 2, Episode 8 “Lineage”


We start by seeing Emily entering a fancy looking bar in November 2006. She speaks to a Russian bartender, Aiden, and calls herself Sarah. Emily seems to be posing as a prostitute and asks to see someone named Dimitri. The bartender says she has to wait a bit as he is talking to some other prostitutes. The bar is obviously a front for sex trafficking and this is Emily’s first Takeda mission.

Cut to a mansion. We see that Daniel is on Thanksgiving break from Harvard. Daniel says he doesn’t want any help from his father, Conrad, since he likes to succeed on his own merits. Victoria says he is looking forward to just the three of them for Thanksgiving. Suddenly, her mother, Marion, appears. This visit was coordinated by Daniel. Marion says she wants to “mend fences.” Marion then reveals that she is now a widow and that Conrad was married when Victoria met him.

Cut to a flashback to when Victoria was young. Marion was not the best mother and only seemed to care that Victoria hooked up with wealthy men to pay the bills.

Cut back to Emily at the club. She follows an attractive girl, Ashley, to the bathroom. The girl says she is just talking to Dimitri b/c her degree in art history isn’t going to help her survive. Emily tells her that Dimitri works in sex trafficking and that she will end up a victim if she doesn’t run away. Emily passes her a wad of cash and a phone number under the door, telling her to find out when Dmitri will be there the next day, text her that information and then never come back. Ashley clearly obeys.

Cut to a dock, Carl and Matt discuss a plan against the Greysons that is about to take place. “Protection money is mentioned, meaning that local business owners have to pay them for protection from Kenny’s father. Jack comes in and Carl tells Jack that they are going to his grandmother’s for Thanksgiving.

Emily continues posing as a prostitute in the bar. Aiden confronts her about not knowing Sergei and Emily tells him to keep his observations under wraps. She then meets with her boss, Takeda, and says she’s ready to take action for her father’s death. Opening title sequence then occurs.

Cut to a corporate office building on Thanksgiving Day 2006. NolCorp is going public. Noles dismisses everyone working to be with someone special.

We see Conrad telling Daniel that he will do anything to support his dreams, including giving him money for a creative writing class.

We see Emily talking with Takeda. He asks her what her plan is with dealing with the Greysons. Emily says she has everything set up. She has pictures of Conrad cheating on Victoria. Takeda says that once Emily finds a prostitute that went missing, she can go back to dealing with her “true intent.”

Marion then says she is bringing her new rich boyfriend Ben to the dinner.

Cut to another flashback where we see Marion making Victoria’s dating life miserable.

Back in 2006, Victoria meets Ben.

Emily returns to the club to meet Sergei during the day. She says her girlfriend cannot meet Dimitri b/c she is sick. Sergei gets Emily to stand in for her for $3000. He searches her and takes her to the backroom. Emily speaks to Takeda through a device in her ear. Takeda can see her. Dimitri arrives and Aiden then tries to shoot him, but fails b/c apparently he is involved in the disappearance of his sister, Colleen. His mission is then aborted, but Emily is taken away.

Emily is taken back to the safe room by Dimitri. Emily tells Takeda to come for her when Dimitri steps out.

Noles and Marco celebrate together. The phone rings.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Conrad speak to Ben and Conrad. Marion says how she met Ben. When the men leave, Marion says she is really in love with Ben. Victoria then asks about her last husband, Maxwell, but Marion says she has no regrets. The men return with the meal. Victoria tells Conrad she has to go through with her plan.

Back at the dock, Jack comes in and sees that Carl has a gun. A fire suddenly breaks out. Jack puts it out and asks Carl what is going on.

We then see Dimitri torturing Aiden. Dimitri then leaves and Emily breaks in. As she frees Aiden, she sees a connection between her father’s death and Colleen’s death. Dimitri comes back in and pulls a gun on Emily.

Back at the dock, Kenny’s dad, Ryan, threatens Carl and Jack to give him his protection money. Ryan says he will return to celebrate their new partnership.

At the office, an accountant tells Marco that Nolan’s Cayman account, which previously was well stocked, now holds nothing.

At the Greyson’s, Conrad offers to send Daniels’ writing to some publishers. Marion says she wasn’t ready to be a parent when she had Victoria but she is proud of her. Victoria then reveals how Marion threw her out of the house at 15 and had her committed to a mental institution for six months after Marion shot her lover for not wanting to marry her and made Victoria take the fall. By the time she got out, Marion was with Maxwell. Maxwell proceeded to rape Victoria, causing Marion to throw Victoria out on the streets. Marion denies everything and curses out Victoria. Ben then dumps Marion.

Back at the club, Emily and Aiden are being led at gunpoint, but beat up Dimitri’s goons to escape. Outside, Aiden sees Sergei and shoots him. Sergei tells Aiden about Colleen. Emily tells him not to shoot Sergei. Sergei tries to escape but Emily pulls her own gun on him. Sergei then says Colleen was strong at first but grew to like being a prostitute. Aiden then shoots Sergei. Takeda then arrives and gets them both out.

Nolan confesses that the money went to the daughter of the company’s first investor, David Clarke. Marco says he thinks Nolan’s lost his mind. Nolan fires him and they break up.

Marion gets ready to leave and asks Victoria why she did that. Victoria says it serves her right. Marion says she is broke and nowhere to go. Victoria says they have many empty rooms, but none of them will house her and throws her out.

Conrad then burns copies of Daniel’s poetry. Victoria asks if it’s that bad. Conrad says it’s good, but having the publishers send him rejection letters is for his own good so he will be the head of the family business. Conrad asks Victoria if it was worth it deliberately setting up Ben and Marion to destroy Marion. Victoria says she has to sleep on it.

Back at the dock, Carl gives the money to Ryan. Matt then appears and shoots Ryan as revenge for his daughter’s death. Jack comes out and they pretend the sound was a motor being turned on. Jack seems to actually believe this.

Back at Aiden’s, Aiden asks about Emily’s father. Emily describes him.

Cut to the present day, Aiden and Emily wake up in bed together. They are married now. Aiden address her as “Amanda.”

We see the docks. Jack’s brother and Kenny discuss business. Kenny thanks him for letting them use the slip to get the booze in and seems to like the same expensive liquor as his father.

Daniel calls Marco late at night with a business proposal.

Victoria tells Conrad to protect Daniel now that he has made himself a target. Conrad says they have to block him from taking control of the board of the company. Conrad regrets not helping him be a poet.

Aiden asks Emily where she has been. Emily has a box in her lap and says everything about her father’s conspiracies are in the box. They hold hands. Aiden notices Emily’s tattoo on her wrist of double infinity. Emily emphasizes that her journey has no end.


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