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Revenge 2×09 Revelations Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/03/2012

RevengeRevenge 2×09 Revelations Recap and Review


This rather histrionically dramatic and only mildly revealing mid-season finale of Revenge starts with Conrad and Victoria taking some time out by skeet shooting with mysterious looking board member Salvador at the country club. Salvador comments on Conrad’s lack of skill, but Conrad blames it on Daniel’s stranglehold on the company has left him with no leisure time to practice. Salvador mentions Daniel’s intentions with the board. Conrad diffuses these claims, as the profitability is highly unlikely. Victoria agrees. They then discuss Nolan’s company.

Cut to seeing Nolan, Aiden, and Emily observing this conversation down the way under a tent. Emily’s mission is to create the illusion that Nolan’s company is involved to the Greysons. Emily makes the observation that the key to Salvador is his wife. She also tells Nolan to watch out for the Greysons.

We transition to Jack inviting the Ryans to his son’s Christening. Nate is so generous, he offer to pay for an open bar. Everyone seems happy.

Back to the country club, Salvador is introduced to Aiden via Daniel. It seems Salvador noticed Noland Aiden talking. Emily then shows up and impresses Salvador with her shooting skills. She then expresses a pragmatic interest in investing. Emily comments that she is looking for a trustworthy person to run the company. It seems no one is more trustworthy to her than Daniel.

Next, Conrad gives his congratulations to Victoria on Ashley chaperon Salvador. Suddenly, his cell phone rings. It is the Initiative Rep. She basically threatens Conrad to keep his mouth shut about their relationship, lest she permanently remove Daniel. This does not go well with Victoria, who threatens the Rep herself, and is met with the obligatory cold shoulder.

We then see the opening title sequence of Revenge.

Next, Padma and Nolan arrive at Greyson Global headquarters for a meeting. Nolan is then surprised by the appearance of Marco, who was his CFO back in 2002, there. Daniel then makes an unveiled threat wherein Nolan gives him 51% of the company, he will look into the $500 million account that Marco has created in the previous episode, less go through criminal prosecution. Not having much of a choice, Nolan reluctantly agrees to this. Daniel reacts by wanting Aiden to tell Salvador about this sudden acquisition. Ashley disagrees. She feels he should credit himself and cut out the middleman.

Next, Aiden and Emily observe another conversation, this time on a hidden surveillance camera of the conversation that just took place. It doesn’t take much for them to realize that Ashley is manipulating a betrayal of Aiden and Daniel. Not to be outdone, Emily gets out an old video containing footage of Ashley and Conrad having sex and decide that blackmail  might be the only solution to this dilemma, as it usually is on this show.

Next, Emily assigns Nolan the dirty task of encrypting the video to be sent out. Aiden mentions Jack to Emily. Emily pretends to know nothing, but Aiden assures her that no secrets should be kept from him.

Next, Salvador arrives to see Conrad. Victoria then sees the video.

Cut to the Christening. Emily seems to be jealous while observing Amanda and Jack together, flirting. After that is over, Jack sees Duncan, who used to run a local business near the bar. Duncan then issues a warning to keep is distance from the Ryans. Not surprisingly, the Ryans observe this from afar.

Next, Salvador alerts Conrad that he is going to go with Daniel. Victoria then shows Conrad the video. Conrad accuses the Rep for trying to turn him against Daniel. He doesn’t seem to think anyone else could be behind this.

While the Christening is being celebrated, Aiden texts Emily to tell her that things are getting out of control. Once Emily leaves, Amanda appears and talks to her, basically accusing her of hurting other people’s lives and suggesting that she stop wasting her time with her negativity.

Next, Victoria confronts Ashley about the video. Ashley literally begs Victoria to keep quiet about it so she doesn’t lose Daniel. Victoria tells her to go to Salvador. This leads Aiden to believe that Victoria is setting Ashley up with Salvador. He’s probably right. Aiden then calls Daniel and arranges a meeting once Emily alerts him that Ashley is on her way.

Next, Jack asks Nolan to dig up dirt on the Ryans. Marco demands that Nolan give him his job back. Marco then threatens to tell Amanda that the money is her’s once Nolan tries to turn Marco down by telling him he’s better off with Padma.

Next, Aiden asks Daniel why he cut him out of the negotiations with Nolan’s company. Daniel then defends himself with claims of Ashley’s infidelity once he says it was all her idea.

Cut to Daniel forcefully entering Salvador’s room and takes photos of Ashley about to disrobe for Salvador. Daniel then tells Salvador he owns him and wants his vote, lest these photos find their way to his wife.

Then, Aiden calls Emily and tells her that things are under control.

Conrad and Victoria then speak to Daniel privately before the vote. Victoria warns Daniel of the danger he’s in if he wins control. Daniel responds by asking about the specificity of the supposed danger, but, for once, Victoria lips are sealed.

Next, Duncan arrives at the boat, once to be confronted by the Ryans about the truth about their father’s disappearance at the dock.

Not surprisingly, Daniel wins the vote. Daniel then alerts Aiden that company is closing ranks during the transition since they increased the bottom line and there’s no room for him unless someone else quits as a result.

Next, Nolan calls Jack and warns him that he should have nothing to do with the Ryans. Duncan is then discovered on the pier, clearly bludgeoned. Duncan confesses to Jack that he killed the Ryans’ father by using his gun, which is conveniently his on the boat.

Cut to the Ryans arriving at the bar. They ask Jack about the injured man on the pier. Jack tells them that Duncan didn’t say anything. He says Nate grabbed Jack’s father’s black book. He gives it to him as he exits.

The Ryan brothers stop by the bar and ask Jack about the person who was injured. Jack says Duncan didn’t say who did it. Nate grabbed Jack’s father’s black book and gives it back to him on his way out.

Next, Nolan tells Padma of his contingency plan. As you can probably already tell, he has no plan of allowing Daniel to profit off of David Clarke. Marco then appears and tells Padma that he is attempting to find a place for himself at the company, which shocks Padma.

Jack does some detective work on the boat and finds the gun under the boards, just as Duncan said he would.

As Emily lays out for the audience the theme of the episode in voice-over, Daniel is given a clock that seems to be a hidden camera from the Rep with a card that welcomes him to the board. Daniel looks at the clock on his desk, we see that Daniel is being watched by an entire team in a swanky-looking conference room from the camera. A conversation of the Rep talking about a possible vote related to Daniel is over heard. I’m guessing that they want Daniel to join them.

Finally, Victoria calls Emily to discuss Daniel. This probably isn’t going to be pleasant. I don’t know how I will contain myself until 2013.








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