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Revenge 2×10 Power Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/07/2013

tumblr_mg8naekmgT1qmdca7o1_500Revenge 2×10 Power Recap and Review

Revenge 2×10 “Power” Recap and Review

This week’s tantalizing return episode of Revenge starts with powerful waves crashing on the shore at night. We hear Emily’s voiceover telling us true power comes from within. We see two hooded figures sparring on a cliffside with some seriously unnatural rim lighting going on. Naturally, they turn out to be Emily and Aiden enjoying a pre-dawn fight. Emily kisses Aiden and gathers her true inner power as she gets ready for the sun.


Daniel is walking to work when the Initiative (or Rep) from the previous episode offers him some major power if he gets in the car with her. For no apparent reason, Daniel actually agrees to this. The Initiative  suggests that Daniel stick to unveiling Grayson Corp rather than trying to figure out her corporation.


Cut to The Stowaway. Jack gives Amanda a blue sea-glass necklace he thinks she should wear at their wedding. See, Revenge doesn’t always have to be ridiculous. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by the Ryan Brothers, who seem to order him around. Amanda questions this, but Jack says he is trying to keep the peace.  Amanda isn’t buying, as she shouldn’t.


Meanwhile at the Graysons’ place, Conrad refuses to pick up the ringing cell phone, as Victoria requests. Victoria doesn’t like the idea of Daniel having so much new power. Conrad thinks that Daniel will eventually be unmasked as the charlatan that he is and the investors will move on. Victoria doesn’t like any of this. Luckily, Victoria just got off the phone with Patricia (wife of Judge Barnes, the man who presided over David Clarke’s trial). It seems the Judge is very close to becoming a Supreme Court judge and they will be staying at the Graysons this weekend so Conrad can rehabilitate his image since the Judge stands for wrongly convicted people repealing their convictions (or something like that). Victoria is certain that Conrad will be back in power once the board outs Daniel. But don’t take her word for it, take Emily’s.


Cut to Aiden reading a letter that Emily is convinced James Palmer wrote, who was the courtroom clerk during Emily’s father’s trail. This is a letter Emily’s father received in jail. She is convinced this Palmer alerted the Judge of the one jury member who believed he was innocent, who passed that information onto the Graysons. Palmer was killed three days after a news conference that Aiden and Emily watch under suspicious circumstances. Emily thinks they tampered with the verdict. Emily is going to try to trip the Judge up at the dinner she has been invited to. Emily then tells Aiden to leave so Victoria doesn’t see him….again.


Cut to Emily discussing Daniel with Victoria on a balcony while sipping lemonade. Victoria knows that Emily can reach Daniel since he’s still in love with her. Victoria wants Emily to make Daniel suddenly become disinterested in running the corporation (GOOD LUCK!). Opening titles roll.


Judge Barnes and Patricia arrives and meet Emily with Victoria. Emily is about to leave but Victoria want her to come back for dinner. Emily cannot say no.


Back at The Stowaway, Declan looks distracted while the Ryans talk outside while Charlotte attempts to get his attention. Declan then asks her to distract the Ryans while he goes to a back-room. Declan sills some coffee beans while Nate tells Charlotte about how awful prison is (well, duh!). It seems there might be something in those beans. Nate goes back to find Declan leaving, but unfortunately left a sole crushed bean on the ground tipping off Nate as to what he was doing.


Daniel then tells Grace to hold his calls. Aiden then asks for Daniel and Grace tells him he is going to the Rider house. Aiden then calls someone to tell him where he is going to meet Daniel.


Declan tells jack that the Ryans are running drugs through bar via coffee beans and asks what they are going to do. He is very concerned since their father’s friend is still in the hospital. Jack mentions someone named Eddie, who used to jump Delcan. This Eddie is not a police officer so jack thinks he can call in a favor.


Conrad then meets Daniel at the Rider House. There is still some resentment between them. They notice that Emily and Aiden pretend to break-up so Emily appears available for Daniel’s affections.



Daniel returns to his office to find Nolan waiting for him. Daniel basically asks him to hack into the company’s intranet to find any trace of money. It seems Conrad’s resentment affected Daniel than it seemed.


Jack is packing as Amanda takes him aside and says that bad families always lie to each other. Jack says the Ryans are trouble and needs to get out for a while until the heat dies down. He seems to think that this Eddie will actually bust them and he will not be connected to any of it (yeah, RIGHT!)


Nolan then tells Emily about the access he has been granted by Daniel. Aiden then appears to clarify to Nolan that they are still together (a FAKE-UP?!). Aiden remains as smarmy as ever. Aiden then asks Nolan to give him whatever information he can get about the Initiative (Rep), particularly the name Helen Crowley, must be told to him. I’m sure that name will come again.


While Daniel talks on the phone, Victoria enters to make amends (or at least the closets she could ever get). Victoria pretty much demands that Daniel attend, or else his future might be in doubt. She also mentions Emily will be there since she has donated considerably to Patricia’s charity.


Cut to Nolan hacking…or trying to. Marco enters and tries to mend their wounds. Nolan won’t go out with Marco anymore and suddenly breaks into the intranet. Interestingly, Marco doesn’t even look at the screen and leaves unfazed.


Emily and Daniel meet in the Graysons’ entryway. Daniel says he’s glad Emily broke up with Aiden before it got too serious, like with him and Ashley. Victoria directs them to the dining room. Emily then says that she audited Palmer’s class, which piques the Judge’s interest. Emily mentions the David Clarke trial. The Judge and Patricia are clearly hiding something, but say that they feel justice was served in the case (which it wasn’t). Then, Patricia dampens the perception that any of the Judge’s verdicts have been second-guessed, including her father’s. We can also tell that the Judge was telling Patricia to shut up, and she’s hiding something more raw than law secrets.


The next day, Emily is looking at Patricia’s medical records with Amanda to show that Patricia has sustained several injuries, and has an expunged criminal record, along with a picture of Palmer and her. Emily believes that the Judge has been beating her, and so do we.


Back at the Graysons’, the Judge suggests that Conrad go into politics, which Victoria rolls her eyes at.


Nolan then shows Aiden a surveillance video of Patricia calling a number at the Graysons. Nolan has identified the number for Aiden. Unfortunately, the phoneis voice activated and Aiden reads her lips to figure out that she’s saying the Latin word for “entry.” Aiden calls and the Initiative answers, telling them to meet.


Back at The Stowaway, Eddie closes down the bar early so they can search the premises with a dog.


Aiden meets with the Initiative. She knows what is going on with Aiden and his sister. Suddenly, Aiden decides not to kill her. She says Colleen is still alive and brandishes a gun with LOTS of lasers pointed at him from various angels. Seems Aiden’s killing of her kidnapper saved her life as they will use Colleen’s existence to manipulate him, as they always do. Of course, she threatens him to keep his mouth shut and leaves.


In the back room of The Stowaway, the cops search for the drugs.


Marco then surprises Nolan at NolCorp. Marco wants to start over. Nolan is still angry at him, and says he is into someone else. Marco says he’ll wait for him. Marco offers him some cyber plutonium to use against his parent company. Nolan seems intrigued. Marco leaves it for Nolan to think about.


At the law fund raiser, the Judge says the wife is nursing a migraine (that he probably gave her).


Declan starts to make out with Charlotte in a backroom of the boat when the cops interrupt him as the dog smells to have smelled drugs in the room.


Emily finds Patricia in the ladies’ room and apologizes about upsetting them at the dinner while Patricia is applying concealer to her bruises. Emily gives her the letter she has and expresses it gave “Amanda” the hope she needed to survive. Patricia says Palmer did not write the letter. Emily tells Patricia that she has the chance to make things right tonight.


At the dock, the cops are now about to arrest Declan as the Ryans have set him up good and reference when he broke into their house earlier in the season. Jack then says the drugs were his (guess he saw The Hunger Games) and is arrested.


Conrad then gives his speech to much applause. Patricia then takes the mic. She then tells everything she knows about Palmer and how he kept the secret to keep her safe. She then reads the letter to the public, to the Judge’s chagrin. She finally reveals that the verdict was tainted. Not surprisingly, she wrote it, not Palmer. Patricia then reveals her bruises to show how abusive he really is to the press. Victoria looks stunned. I’m not sure I believe Patricia would actually go from hiding this to going public with it in the course of an hour, but that is what these shows are all about! We next see Conrad telling the press that the Judge will be brought to justice.


The Initiative then calls Daniel as he drives. She already knows about Nolan and his assistance. It seems being able to trace the hacking to NolCorp will make Daniel even richer than he already is, which interests Daniel.


Back at the Stowaway, Declan is sitting alone when his father comes in. He knows the drugs were not Jack’s. Nate comes in and threatens the Porters to not try anything like that again.


Jack calls Amanda as he tells them the cops found a gun and drugs. He tries to assure Amanda that he’ll get out soon, but it isn’t working, as even their child cries out.


Emily then crosses out a picture of the Judge. She now has her revenge against him. One down, many to go. Daniel arrives as her voiceover talks about corruption. Daniel says he became CEO to set things right with him and her. He wants Emily’s help with their charity program as Victoria watches on from a balcony. Emily agrees, possibly to spite Victoria even more. Her inner power has consequences, however, as Aiden watches her kiss Daniel from a corner. Corruption seems to be the new word of the day.


While I enjoyed this scattershot episode, I am wondering if the writers will be putting more character development into the future episodes? It surely needs it. Too many characters and twists, so little time to intercut them all at once.  I also didn’t quite understand why Marco would change his mind about Nolan not helping a terrorist or keeping money that belonged to the daughter of one? Why would the Ryans want to get their revenge on a dead man? Is Aiden’s potential jealousy about Emily and Daniel a little self-servicing? Maybe they’re going to need more than fighting before dawn and fakein’-up to work out their real issues. Is Victoria the real villain here? How many red markers does Emily have? Hopefully, not only the Initiative will know soon enough. That’s real power right here on Revenge.



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