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Revenge 2×11 Sabotage Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/14/2013

EMILY VANCAMP, JOSH BOWMANRevenge 2×11 Sabotage Recap and Review

Tonight’s twisty installment of Revenge starts with some seriously anti-climactic fade-outs while Emily’s voiceover mentions how a plan always has a weak point. Seems Aiden has killed someone wearing a mask and has a wrist tattoo, but who?


Cut to two days earlier, Aiden has finally reappeared after apparently disappearing after he saw Emily kissing Daniel. Emily accuses him of being  jealous, despite Daniel being the best link to the company they’ve got. Aiden says he came back that night b/c he had to tell her about Helen contacting him. She just wanted his complicity. Emily says they’re just trying to control him since he doesn’t know if his sister is actually still alive.


Emily arrives at Daniel’s office. They kiss. Emily wants to take things slowly. Emily proposes a children’s charity and invites his executives to a wine event. Suddenly, Grace comes in and gives Daniel a corporate financial plan prospectus given to her by Helen. Helen then calls to speak with Daniel. On their way out, Emily asks to use Grace’s phone b/c she claims that her phone is dead (har har). Emily listens to Daniel’s conversation with Helen. Helen recommends that he acquires this company b/c their stocks are about raise significantly, only they don’t know it yet. Grace then gives Emily the client list. Emily hangs up, then calls Victoria to tell her about her new found information.


Meanwhile, at the jail, Jack speaks with Amanda through glass. Amanda wants to get Emily involved with bail money, but jack won’t hear of it. Amanda knows this whole set-up is payback for what happened to the Ryans’ father. Jack makes Amanda promise that she won’t do anything against the Ryans, lest risk retaliation from them.


Cut to the Graysons’ living room. Victoria walks in on Jason, Conrad’s former rival, talking to Conrad. Victoria takes Conrad aside and tells him about Helen’s recommendation to acquire Stonehenge United. Conrad remembers that that company is a disaster recovery. He says that this is what the initiative does, upheaval then reveal in the aftermath. Victoria says she has been putting alliances close to Daniel into place to insure the future of the family. Conrad asks how she will thwart Helen and her ilk, Victoria looks at Jason and just answers, “sabotage.” Opening title sequence rolls.


Emily and Victoria meet. Victoria wants Emily to invite Jason to the wine auction event she has set up since she likes the direct competition Jason brings and they will outbid each other at the auction. Emily laughs and agrees.


At The Stowaway, Declan wants out with the Ryans. Nate mocks Declen and tells him the only way out is to sell the rest of the bar and drops a dollar on a stand, telling hi that is all its worth. Nate then tells Declan to get back to him in 10 to 15 years when Jack gets out of jail. Amanda isn’t amused at any of this and tells Nate to get lost. Kenny tells Declan that he doesn’t want any more fighting, but Declan tells him to shove off and exits.


Back at NolCorp, Daniel interrupts Nolan’s game of Tetris to tell him that his report is incomplete. Daniel wants full disclosure and a report detailing all of Nolan’s abandoned developments. Daniel leaves, revealing Padma. Padma doesn’t want to be CFO anymore since she cares about Nolan more and wants to work again. Nolan re-hires her, as Marco wonders to what capacity. They decide they’ll find something for Padma. Marco leaves, but no one is happy. Nolan then invites Padma to the wine auction as Marco jealously overhears.


Back at the Graysons’, Ashley Davenport walks in and Conrad is shocked. Ashley says she needs to protect an investment. Conrad knows that she is using blackmail to get re-hired, and he is right. They eventually agree on Ashley’s terms as his campaign manager since she just knows too much and is too talented to ever say no to…ever.


Emily and Daniel eat together. Daniel congratulates Emily on the guest list. Emily says she cannot get Helen on the list, but Aiden is coming. Suddenly, Helen calls Daniel while she watches them on one of those hidden cameras. Daniel then puts Helen on speaker phone and Emily invites her to the auction. Helen agrees to arrive as she watches on, even after they hang up.


At NolCorp, Nolan accuses Marco of giving Daniel information he shouldn’t have gotten. Marco tries to put it on the arrival of Padma, but Nolan shifts it back to when Marco returned back in the same fashion, right as Nolan lost control back to Grayson Corp. Marco looks embarrassed and exits. This is not over between them.


At the wine auction, Jason meets with Daniel with Emily looking on. Victoria arrives and tells Jason that she stocked up on his favorite liquor and whisks him away. Emily asks why and Daniel says he knows Victoria brought Jason here just to embarrass him at the auction block. Nolan arrives and asks about Aiden, whom they find at the bar. Nolan shows that he has control of every technical aspect of the bar from a tablet. Aiden asks about Helen and Emily is confident she will be there, but knows she has the Daniel’s place bugged.


Back at the jail, Declan talks to Jack through the glass. Declan asks why the Ryans want to bar so much. Jack decides to tell him why.


Cut to Amanda walking a stroller with Charlotte. Charlotte complains that Declan isn’t calling her back. Amanda explains to her that it’s all about power and influence with the Ryans. Charlotte mentions that Conrad owes her big time.


Cut to the auction. Aiden has won a big bottle of wine. They start a new bid. Eventually, Daniel wins with a million dollar bid. Helen suddenly appears as Aiden talks to Daniel. Helen talks to Aiden. Helen knows everything. Aiden wants to see his sister. Nolan wants to know if Aiden is hedging his bets with Helen. Emily is curious herself.


Daniel writes his check as Helen approaches Emily and offers her a donation. Emily offers her some wine, but Helen she doesn’t drink b/c it clouds her judgment (what a shock!). Suddenly, the lights start to flicker as Nolan calls Emily. Daniel wants to drink with Emily later as she goes off and she agrees. Daniel tells Helen that he is not sold on Stonehenge. Helen tells him that he needs to be a better leader than his father and buy the company now so he doesn’t regret it later (hint hint).


Charlotte and Amanda meet with Conrad. Conrad isn’t so hot on the idea of helping to overturn a police investigation for Jack, esp. since Amanda tried to extort money to get her father’s diary. Conrad tells her to keep her distance to save his reputation and Amanda agrees, stealing a rolodex on her way out as Conrad’s back is turned. Charlotte leaves as Ashley enters. Ashley tells Conrad to reconsider as this would help his political career.


Padma finally arrives as Nolan is leaving. She says Marco forced her to be late. She says she heard Marco talking to Daniel with someone named Carrie Ann. Nolan leaves Padma to go meet Emily and kisses her.


On the ship Amanda, Charlotte finds Declan. Declan apologizes. Charlotte says that Declan can stay at Conrad’s until everything blows over. Declan vows that his family isn’t going down without a fight.


Meanwhile, Amanda meets a hood to sell the rolodex to pay for a gun. The hood examines it and agrees.


Aiden gets into an elevator with Helen, wanting to know how she knows so much about him. Helena says they really don’t know much since he vanished. Suddenly, the elevator breaks down. There is no reception and the elevator phone doesn’t work. They notice that gas is emitting from the vents, enveloping them. They both pass out.


Jason and Victoria meet on the roof. Victoria tells him that he should get used to being outbid by Daniel since he wants to acquire Stonehenge. Jason says he’s only thinking of her. Victoria then leaves, kissing him off. Jason then gets on the phone to acquire Stonehenge before Daniel can in the morning.


Aiden and Helen wake up tied up with bags on their heads. A hooded figure questions them with a loaded gun.


Amanda then blasts some music to distract the crowd as she meets Nate in the backroom to threaten him with her gun. Before she can brandish it, Ashley comes along to take her aside. Jack is back b/c of Conrad’s dealing. Amanda asks why. Conrad gives a BS answer about being a concerned citizen and to protect his daughter. Amanda calls his bluff, but Conrad admits to listening to Ashley’s suggestions and apologizes to Amanda. Amanda looks like she doesn’t know what to say.


The hooded figure continues to threaten, but Helen isn’t swayed. Aiden threatens to kill him and the hooded figure knocks Aiden off and the two fight. Aiden gets his gun and shoots him like in the beginning. Helen and Aiden run as reinforcements arrive. The fallen hooded figure turns out to be Emily while the reinforcement is Nolan. That wasn’t too much of a surprise, I think. Helen and Aiden split up as Helen as her suspicions as who they were.


Cut to Marco as NolCorp as Nolan and Padma arrive. Nolan continues to accuse Marco. Marco denies everything. Nolan then pulls up e-mail showing Marco’s guilt. Marco denies writing it, but Nolan fires him. Marco vows he is making a mistake.


Aiden calls Emily. Turns out Aiden knew the whole time what Emily was doing. He says they’re off the hook with Helen. Emily says she’s staying the course with Daniel. They sign off and Daniel arrives with the million dollar wine bottle. Emily’s voiceover reminds the audience that every plan has a fatal flaw (usually emotional). They toast to taking it slow, only to find out that the wine has gone bad. They laugh it off. Aiden arrives, saying that he has come to get his things. Emily and Daniel call it a night, but you know they’re not done with each other yet.


Padma then calls Helen. She is working as a mole and has proof that Nolan has the carrion program somewhere in the company. This was easy to call.


Overall, not a bad episode. I enjoyed the twists this time out more than previous episodes. The returning characters gave the show a flow that it hasn’t had for a few months. I like the whole Initiative storyline. I cannot wait to see where it goes, even if it is a little clichéd. I want to see more of Dylan Walsh’s Jason character and see what trouble he can come up with. I don’t think I totally buy the Amanda buying a gun scene (does she think this was a GOOD idea?), but I like Conrad getting Jack out of jail. I also like Padma returning as a mole. I want to see more of Emily and Nolan working together like that. They just work well. Everyone seems to be connected to the bigger story and that’s all that really matters now.







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