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Revenge 2×12 Collusion Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/21/2013


Revenge 2×12 Collusion Recap and Review


This week’s convoluted installment of Revenge starts out with Emily and Daniel making love with Emily’s voice over talking about how every human is born of collusion. It turns out to be a dream…or was it a nightmare for Emily? We then cut to the Greyson house. Conrad is angrily reading the newspaper while Victoria annoyed of the sounds it is creating. Conrad tells her everything is for her benefit and that Jason is trying to buy Stonehaven and wants Victoria as his side as just a wife she is so committed to being as he cleans up the docks with his communications manager. Victoria finds his political plans with Amanda’s hardships amusing.  Charlotte enters and Conrad wishes her a happy birthday and gives her some money. Conrad mentions that Daniel was too busy to wish her happy birthday. Ashley arrives and Victoria chastises her, realizing that she is the communications manager now. Despite Victoria’s chides, Conrad says he is looking toward the future with Ashley and they leave.


Emily finds Aiden on the beach. Aiden wonder if he will be banned from the Hamptons entirely. He says he is waiting for Helen’s next move, as he has no control over her.


Cut to Nolan with Padma in bed together. They decide they like the house enough to buy it. Nolan says nothing is perfect….ecept maybe for Padma. Awwww.


We then see Daniel driving with Emily to a private airplane. Daniel wants Emily to go to LA to meet with the Stonehaven people with him and promises. He promises it will be a business trip. Don’t they all?


Aiden meets with Helen. Helen thinks that Aiden was behind the kidnapping in the previous episode. Aiden tells Helen he needs proof that Colleen is alive before he does anything. Helen then shows Aiden a video of Colleen alive and tells Aiden to kill Victoria in 24 hours. Opening title sequences rolls.


Conrad is meeting with Jack and Amanda with Ashley in tow. Conrad says he can clear the drug charges, but murder will be difficult. Jack thinks this is just to promote Conrad’s public image….and he is right. Conrad admits that he does. Amanda says the shooter’s name is Matt Duncan and that the Ryan brothers put him in the hospital to get him to talk, but it didn’t work. Conrad basically says he cannot help them if they cannot help themselves and tells them to leave. Amanda tells him to bring Matt to justice so she doesn’t lose him.


In LA, Daniel and Emily meet with the Stonehaven CEO, Donna Carlisle, who says her father wouldn’t want to sell the company to someone who is just going to break it up into parts. The CEO says that Grayson Global has a dubious reputation. Emily does some damage control. Miss Carlotte says that their offer is competing with others. Daniel thanks Emily for her help. They decide to go to the hotel.


Padma is then seen looking around for the Carrion program. Helen calls her and threatens her if she doesn’t find it in time. Padma looks and Nolan comes in. Padma shows him that she was trying to hide a pedestrian key on  anew key chain which is an avatar of Shiva to keep Nolan safe in the new house. Nolan thanks her for always looking out for her.


Amanda gives Charlotte an 18th birthday present: Carl’s handprint. Charlotte says that Daniel forgot but she is going to the ballet with Victoria. Victoria then calls and tells her that she had to leave town but she’ll make up for it when she gets back. Charlotte says that being a Grayson is learning to live with disappointment. Amanda says that she really isn’t a Grayson.


Victoria meets with Conrad and Jason in a lobby in LA. Victoria says that she wants Jason to acquire Stonehaven to save the family from Daniel. Jason isn’t convinced she’s telling him everything. Jason then leaves for a meeting. Daniel and Emily then enter and Daniel chastises Victoria b/c he can tell she wants Jason to win the company. Victoria denies everything. Daniel calls her on it. Victoria then says that she’s saving him from himself since Stonehaven is a disaster relief company and it will be his undoing since they are really profiteers. Emily tells him to leave before he says something stupid in public. Emily asks Victoria what she is really doing. Victoria says that she’s pushing him in the right direction and leaves. Emily calls Aiden to tell him she’s in LA but Aiden is already there, watching her.


Emily and Aiden go out to talk. Aiden says that Helen wants him to kill Victoria.


Jack goes to Matt in the hospital. He tells them what the Ryans did to him. He wants Matt to confess to the murder he did. Matt refuses, saying he’s learned to live with it. Jack asks if he wants Carl to grow up without a dad.


Jack meets with Aiden in the hotel lobby. Aiden tells him that whoever gets Stonehaven inherits a lawsuit. Jason doesn’t believe him. Jason makes a call to Donna Carlisle.


At the Stowaway, Conrad asks the Ryans about Matt, then reveals an envelope containing Matt’s confession. Conrad then offers him $50,000 for his signature.


Jason opens his door with Victoria. Jason is packing and telling Victoria about the lawsuit he was told about. Victoria claims it was a lie and that she admires him. They discuss the David Clarke scandal. Aiden aims a gun at Victoria. Jason confesses that he just wants Victoria, not Stonehaven. Victoria then draws the curtains, obscuring Aiden’s view. Victoria then says if Jason does what she says, he can do whatever he wants with her. They kiss.


Emily then texts Aiden as she meets Daniel by the pool. Daniel wants Emily to stay with him. Emily then reveals a present she got for Charlotte. Daniel is embarrassed that he forgot so Emily says it can be from both of them. Daniel gets a call from Donna Carlisle, and gets word that Jason is back in. Daniel then calls Nolan to call in a favor: find dirt on Jason. Emily sends Nolan a text and begs him to agree. He does and Emily wants to talk to him about Aiden.


The Ryans talk about what they are going to do. Nate says that he is going to convince Conrad to sell them he back to make their father proud.


Emily, Jason, and Daniel all meet with Donna Carlisle. Donna just wants to honor her father. Jason tells a story about how Donna’s father helped him, which makes his interest personal and raises his offer. Daniel then decides to get dirty and shows Donna how Jason inflated gas and oil prices after 9/11, none of which is public. Daniel says that Donna’s father would be disappointed to learn that someone he helped now wishes to destroy his company. Donna agrees. Jason gets upset and leaves the table. Donna agrees sell the company to Daniel.


Emily gets a call from Nolan, telling her that her hacked Helen’s phone and shows her the video of Colleen willingly doing drugs with her captors. Emily’s upset about this. They realize that he must kill Victoria so she orders him to hack his phone before it’s too late.


Jason and Victoria meet. Jason is angry at Victoria and leaves her and tells her that Daniel deserves whatever trouble he’s going to get. Victoria is upset as Jason walks away. Aiden is about to shoot her, but Emily interrupts him. Emily says she saw the video and orders him to call Helen tell them that he helped ensure Daniel’s victory b/c that’s all they really care about. Emily says she is going back and he should join her. She promises they’ll get his sister back.


Daniel and Emily fly back. Daniel says they can go anywhere, but Emily says she just wants to be home.


Padma asks Nolan if he has bought the house. Nolan says he found a secret passage and now he wants it even more, along with Padma to walk through it with him. He mentions how he got a call from people who just wanted a computer program, which Padma knows is the Carrion program.


Victoria visits Emily and is angry at her. She asks what Emily was doing in California. Emily says she could sway him. Victoria asks her which direction. Emily says she wanted him to win. Victoria says she will bring about his ruin and leaves.


That night, Nolan is waiting for Emily and she appears. Emily says she has Daniel’s confidence, but lost Victoria’s. Nolan says he doesn’t want the house Emily will buy him b/c nothing can save him from evil spirits and tosses Padma’s keychain. He goes on to tell Emily about the Carrion program. He knows Padma is after it since she referred to it as a person previously, now a program in the previous scene. Emily tells him to play her like she’s playing him.


Charlotte comes down only to see her entire family waiting for her to celebrate her birthday. Charlotte says she is legally changing her name to Charlotte Clarke. Emily is watching from a hallway, and then appears with her present from Daniel and herself.


Emily and Daniel meet in living room. Emily tells him that Victoria wanted her to keep a watch on Daniel for her. Daniel says he always suspected it. He says he was using her, seeing how far she would go. Now, he knows. Emily says they might be like what they were someday, but not that night.


Jack, Amanda, Carl, and Declan meet up. Declan is upset they are now business partners with Conrad. Jack says it is for the best. Amanda says they shouldn’t dwell on negative things.


Nate meets with Conrad and offers $65,000 to buy the bar back. Nate says he’ll make it into a casino in no time, which Conrad likes. Ashley doesn’t like it, but Conrad tells her to leave.


Nolan then leads Padma to what she thinks is the Carrion project by asking her to find his platinum card. Padma opens the trick drawer and drops everything and finds the program, which she inserts into a tablet. It appears real. Nolan is of course watching through a hidden camera Padma is unaware of. His plan is going well.


Emily comes home to Aiden. Aiden shows Emily a video of Colleen dying b/c of drugs; they made it look like an overdose.  Emily feels horrible and tells him not to trust them, but Aiden blames her since she tried to convince him that they were manipulating him and he wasn’t able to kill Victoria in time. Aiden says if there’s any chance Colleen is alive, he’s going to take it and its Emily’s fault if she dies. Aiden then leaves Emily all alone on the porch.



I personally cannot wait to see what Nolan has in store for Padma. I must say Helen was an idiot for entrusting her. Making Padma look for anything it seems is not a good idea. The whole thing with Aiden I’m not really buying. Would he really blame Emily that much for anything happening to his sister?  I like that Charlotte is changing her name, but they really didn’t deal with Victoria’s reaction as well as they could’ve.  In fact, the whole issue was just dropped. This will be interesting just how much Conrad is willing to screw over Jack and his family. Won’t his public image suffer once that story gets out? For once, maybe he should listen to Ashley. The whole assassinating Victoria thing wasn’t as amusing as I was hoping, but it was fun to see Victoria interact with Aiden for a change. Victoria’s relationship with Emily should get more interesting now. Her just walking away from Emily was quite a  disappointment. Victoria’s interactions with Jason seemed too forced and insubstantial to really have much effect for me. The idea of those two having sex doesn’t seem even possible to me, even if it was in LA. I’m also not sure if Matt would just confess like that so easily, but that’s Revenge for you.




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