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Revenge 2×15 Helen Hunt Scoop From Gabriel Mann

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/19/2013

Revenge 2x15 Helen Hunt Scoop From Gabriel MannGabriel Mann Previews Helen Hunt’s 2×15 Revenge



Here’s some Revenge Scoop from Sandra Gonzalez’s Inside TV: The Spoiler Room Chat; Taken from the February 19, 2013 Post.





We’ll have to wait until March to see the fallout from Sunday’s Revenge death (RIP, Amanda), but according to Gabriel Mann, it will be well worth the wait to see the result and the work of Oscar-nominated Helen Hunt, who directed the episode.

“She was very invested in the characters, and sort of had really strong smart ideas about [how] at a certain point, when you keep upping the stakes and upping the stakes, there has to be a payoff,” he boasts. “I feel like she really got us back to our roots, saying, ‘As human beings, what happens to [the characters] when these things are occurring all around you?’ She anchored it in incredible, dramatic reality — still within the confines of the Revenge world, clearly — but really brought a real sensitivity and poignancy to the things these character have to deal with in the next few episodes.”

Sound emotional? “You have no idea,” he says. “We always straddle the fine line between the outrageousness of what happens on the show and reality. So I think it’s great when we have a pilot guiding the ship who’s like, ‘How would this make you feel and what would happen as a result of it?’ It was a real gift to have Helen at our show.”

The episode, titled “Retribution,” airs March 10.


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