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Revenge Season 2 Spoilers, Emily’s Blast From Past

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/27/2012





Revenge: Returns With a Blast from Emily’s Past, a Lady Love for Nolan and One Big, Bad Mama




Here are some spoilers from TVLine’s Vlada Gelman on what will be happening with Emily, Daniel, Nolan, Jack and Emily’s mother in season 2 of Revenge:




EMILY | After getting burned just as she was about to confess her feelings to Jack, Emily will be back to her closed-off ways. “She’s spent a lot of time trying to keep her feelings at bay and cauterize them [at the start of Season 2],” previews Kelley. But a face from the past — played by British actor Barry Sloane — who resurfaces in the Hamptons will expose a new side of the revenge-seeking gal’s heart – and maybe some secrets. “It’ll be a really satisfying exploration of who Emily was when she was turning into Emily Thorne,” shares the EP.  (As it turns out, this mystery man was going through an identity transformation of his own when he met Amanda. “It [was] very volatile. They [were] very angry kids, and they’re both from the same situation,” says Kelley. “They’ve lost similar things, and they [came] together.”


DANIEL | “He still misses Emily,” Josh Bowman reports. “She broke his heart, and nothing’s been the same since. He’s back to that give-a-s–t party guy. … But his conscience is still guilt-ridden because of his mother. He’s very weighed down.” That, however, won’t stop him from getting involved with social climber Ashley — though their “relationship” will be much more about lustful feelings than real ones. “He using her just as much as she’s using him,” explains the actor. “His body might be [with her] at times, but mentally he’s in a different realm.”


NOLAN | Everyone’s favorite prepster is getting some lovin’! “We’re bringing in a female love interest,” reveals Kelley. And like with the Nolan/Tyler storyline, the EP doesn’t believe viewers “are going to blink [an eye]” at the billionaire’s new romance. “He’s quite open about whatever he is. I think it’s about the person who’s in front of him.” Meanwhile, Nolan and Emily will be “very much together” as a team, says Mann. “We are definitely in it to win it at this point. I would do anything for her, including compromise my own safety and, to a degree, my own morals.” And now that the show is in its second season, it’ll be expanding its scope to explore Nolan’s own story. “You’re going to find out much more about his background,” hints Mann. “We will start to live maybe a little bit more in the world of Nolcorp.”


JACK | Will the ever-loyal bartender be suspicious about the paternity of Fauxmanda’s rapidly growing baby, which in the season opener is just weeks away from being born? “There’s no way he doesn’t have questions,” says Nick Wechsler. “But his obligation is making him turn a blind eye to certain things.” That said, “At a certain point, he’s going to have to face it.” As for whether torn-apart lovebirds Jack and Emily will have a moment in the premiere, he replies, “No in word, yes in deed” — meaning, expect lots more secret glances. Adds Mann, “Emily [VanCamp] and Nick Wechsler had me crying watching the monitor yesterday. And that was just the first day [of shooting].”


MAMA CLARKE | “As [Emily] learns more and more about what exactly happened and who’s at stake, things evolve,” says Kelley. “The world this year gets much bigger.” To that end, the show will introduce a very major new character in Emily’s mother, to be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. “She’s one of my very favorite actresses,” gushes the EP. “I was pretty much floored when her representation called and said she’s a huge fan of the show and asked, ‘What do you think about her for the mother?’ I said, ‘How fast can we get this done?’ She can do Single White Female all over this show! We’ll take it!”




My thoughts: After reading these spoilers, I personally am really excited to see what’s going to be happening with Emily and Nolan this season. I’m also really excited about Jennifer Jason Leigh being cast as Emily’s mom. I’ve always loved Jennifer Jason Leigh whenever she has guest-starred on Weeds. I also think it’s cool that Nolan will be getting a love interest in season 2. That should definitely be interesting. I’m still upset that Amanda came back in the season finale and that Margarita Levieva will be sticking around for at least seven episodes in season 2. I can’t stand the character Amanda, and Margarita Levieva annoys the hell out of me when it comes to her acting.


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