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Revenge Season 3 Aiden Scoop From Showrunner Sunil Nayar

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/07/2013

RevengeRevenge: Aiden related scoop on season 3 from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello



Here’s some scoop on Revenge from this week’s (Posted on 8/6/13) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: Can you clear up some confusion surrounding Barry Sloane’s involvement in Revenge in Season 3? I read that we will only see Aiden briefly in flashbacks. —Gina

Ausiello: You misread. Or you correctly read information that was wrong. Either way, it’s not true. Not only is Sloane a full-fledged series regular in Season 3, but his alter ego is moving front and center. “Last year he was very much a ninja on the periphery,” notes new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “And now we get to inject him into the world of the show. It’s reconception of the character and a real growth. The stories we told last year barely scratched the surface of what Barry is capable of doing as an actor and what the character is capable of doing on screen. He has such a rich history with Emily.”


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