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Revenge Season Two Scoops Straight From Gabriel Mann

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/29/2012

Revenge‘Revenge’ Season 2: Charlotte is Back, Daniel Has a New Lady…But Where is Madeleine Stowe?

Here’s an article by’s Shaunna Murphy, which gives some scoop on season 2 of Revenge straight from Gabriel Mann. In the article, Mann talks about the fact that Madeleine Stowe hasn’t been saying anything about season 2 and that she hasn’t been seen on the set of Revenge yet this season. Mann talks about how the structure of the first part of season 2 will be similar to the format of the first half of season 1. He also gives some scoop on Emily’s love life and Nolan’s friendship with Jack. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Gabriel Mann talks about how Madeleine Stowe hasn’t been seen on the set of Revenge yet this season:”We don’t know much at this point,” Mann said. “I’m friends with Madeline, but she’s not saying anything. She hasn’t been around; we haven’t seen her. That’s about as much as we know at this point. It will definitely change the dynamic of the show if she isn’t actively involved in the Revenge-y things going on. But [creator] Mike Kelley is the mayor of Flashback City.”

Say it ain’t so! Something tells us the matriarch of the Grayson family will somehow survive the season finale’s fiery plane crash, but no one’s talking. And though Allen wouldn’t tell us exactly how Charlotte will fare after her suicide attempt, the fact that she alluded to some kind of future for her character makes it pretty obvious that Charlotte will survive. “Well, I’m around,” she teased. “It could be a coma.” Thankfully, people can come out of comas, and Allen said that Charlotte will have some serious Grayson family problems to tackle. “She’s still struggles a bit,” Allen said. “But [her plot] spirals into her family, and how they treat her. I think she’s going to end up on a good path, but she’s going to have more obstacles to deal with beyond her own demons.”

*****Note: The person who wrote this article for misspelled Madeleine, so I changed it to the correct spelling in the title of this post, but I didn’t change it to the correct spelling in the excerpt from the article. I have no idea how the person who wrote this article didn’t catch that.****

My thoughts: It wasn’t until this week that I started to realize how odd it is that there haven’t been any spoilers for season 2 released that involve Victoria, and it started to make me worry that perhaps the writers were planning to have Victoria die in the plane explosion that happened in the season 1 finale. Reading this article has really made me worry that might indeed the case. I hope to god that’s not true though, because Victoria is one of my top favorite characters on the show. Madeleine Stowe and the feud between Emily and Victoria are a huge part of what’s made the show so popular and successful, so killing Victoria off the show would definitely be the death of Revenge.


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