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Revolution 1X01 Pilot Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/18/2012

Revolution 1x01 Recap Pilot Episode Revolution Season 1: Episode 1 1X01 Pilot

Original Air Date: September 17, 2012

The story begins showing the Chicago skyline. It then cuts to a suburban household. A young girl, Charlie, is watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on the television while her mother, Rachel, talks on the phone. We then see that she is kept company with her infant brother, Danny. Rachel offers Charlie the phone to talk to her Grandmother, but she ignores her. Rachel says she is “zoned out” and walks into the kitchen. Suddenly, her husband, Ben Matheson, bursts through the front entrance carrying boxes. Ben urges her to fill the sinks and tubs with water because there isn’t much time left.  She stops Ben and asks “It’s happening, isn’t it?”

Cut to two men driving down a highway. They speak about texting a 22 year old girl who doesn’t talk on the phone. Suddenly, a call comes through. The driver, Miles, says that it is his brother. It is Ben. Miles says that they had just been at a bar but now they are going back to the military base where they live. The passenger says that the girl is sending them pictures on his phone. Ben seems to have something downloading on his computer as he is talking to Miles. Ben asserts that all electricity on earth is about to go off for good. Suddenly, the call goes dead and all electricity begins to flicker just as Ben’s download finishes. The lights go out and the infant boy cries. We see a string of blackouts happen on the highway as Miles and the passenger get out of the car and look behind them. They have no idea what is happening. Back at Ben’s, he goes outside and watches the entire neighborhood blackout and an airplane crashes in plain eyesight. Panic is ensuing. A view of the world blacking out is seen.

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We next see the earth turning with a caption that reads that 15 years have passed since this blackout. We see a small farming community in the middle of a field. A voiceover explains that we used electricity was use for everything. After the blackout, society collapsed and smart people left the cities and the one’s that didn’t died.  We see a bearded man, Aaron, explaining to a group of children that the blackout caused physics and civilization to go insane, but nobody knows why it happened. The children seem perplexed and uninterested by this concept.

Ben emerges from his new house. We see the sights of the community and people performing their daily chores. Ben talks with Aaron briefly. Aaron says Charlie and Danny went hunting. Ben goes to find them. We then see Charlie and Danny entering an overturned RV covering in vines instead of actually hunting. They enter the RV. Charlie opens a freezer door and has a flashback of Ben giving her ice cream 15 years earlier after the blackout. Ben tells her to remember the taste of ice cream because it will all melt soon since the freezer no longer works. Charlie looks at decapitated frozen food cartons and closes the door and starts to look at postcards showing Chicago’s Wrigley Field before the blackout. Charlie is distracted by this image. Danny opens a cupboard, causing dust to fall out. He begins to cough violently, suggesting that he has asthma. Charlie grabs Danny and tells him that he is having an asthma attack as Danny says he cannot breathe. Charlie kicks the RV door down and they escape as Danny limps and struggles to walk.

Cut to a blonde woman with a British accent, Maggie, concocting an elixir for Danny. Danny says it is awful, but drinks it as Maggie’s insistence. Ben tells Charlie she was supposed to watch out for Danny since the road was dangerous. They argue. Charlie says there are other towns like theirs. Ben says there is nothing worth seeing beyond their town. He explains that Rachel died out there and that Maggie is his new life partner but she will never be their mother. Danny apologizes and Charlie storms off.

Charlie runs off to a brick wall by an abandoned amusement park where she hides a tin “Return of the Jedi” lunch box containing postcards of Chicago and New York City.  She sits on a Ferris wheel bench and compares the postcard in the lunch box to the one she looked at in the RV.

Revolution 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’ HD Promo

While Maggie is showing how to grow mint to a child, aggressive looking militiamen ride in on horseback. Maggie tells the child to go to his mother. All of the children run away. Ben gives something to Aaron and tells him to hide it at all costs. Aaron assures him nothing will happen, but he accepts it anyway. Aaron opens his hand to reveal that it is a metallic amulet.

The leader of the militia, Tom asks Ben if he has seen Ben Matheson. Ben lies and says he hasn’t seen him in years. Tom he leader says that he has arrived under the direct order of Sebastian Monroe and reveals an “M” shaped branding scar on his left wrist. He has come to claim Ben and Miles. Tom says he has been searching for Ben for a very long time. He tells him that if he does not come with them he will take his children and re-educate them. Ben asks for a moment. He walks to Maggie and says he will go with the leader. Maggie tries to stop him. Suddenly, we see Danny holding a crossbow aimed at Tom. A soldier gets out an air rifle and aims it at Danny. Ben commands Danny to put it down. Then, we see another civilian, Caleb, aiming a crossbow at the militia.  The leader tells Caleb that what he is doing is punishable by hanging. Caleb instructs him to go hang himself. Danny persists and Ben tries to calm him down. The soldier aims the rifle and eventually fires, mortally wounding Ben. This causes a chain reaction where the civilians all fire onto the militia and soldiers fight back, causing a short battle scene. Tom begins to fire, killing many civilians until the fighting stops. Danny is apprehended by the soldiers. We see Charlie racing through the forest, too late to do anything about what has happened. Charlie stands above Ben and he tells her that they need to seek out Miles in Chicago as he dies.  Ben says she can do this because she is strong, like her mother.

In her house, Charlie places a picture of her parent in the lunch box. Maggie walks in and says she will be coming with her whether she likes it or not b/c she is doing this for Danny, not just her. As they walk out, Aaron is packed and waiting to journey with them. Charlie says it is a bad idea b/c Aaron is even afraid of bees. Aaron corrects her and says that he is allergic to bees, not afraid of them. Maggie says it is fine is he comes, since it’s his funeral. Aaron concurs.

Danny is being carted off to a lagoon. Tom apologizes that he got involved in all of this, but it is bad news for everyone. Tom says that when the General finds out, he will be irate.  Danny hopes the General will have the leaders head. Tom slaps him and reminds Danny that he drew his weapon first, so he has his father’s blood on his hands and walks away. Danny notices then that the pipe he is chained to is a little loose.

As they camp in the wilderness, Aaron wonders how Miles can help them. Charlie says all she was told of him is that he is good at killing. He next morning, Charlie is walking with water bottles and encounters a young archer, Nate by a waterfall. They introduce themselves and Nate asks where she is going. Charlie refuses to say. Charlie returns to Maggie and Aaron, but does not mention meeting Nate. As they venture, they come across the remains of O’Hare airport. They decide to camp out. Aaron seems to have advanced knowledge of airplanes and admits to once owning an airplane since he was a multimillionaire who worked for Google, which Charlie doesn’t know much about. As they enter the airplane, Aaron says he would trade in his fortune for a roll of toilet paper.

That night, Danny pretends to be asleep in the cart. After the armed guard walks by, Danny begins to unscrew the pipe until it is unfastened and he is freed. The guard hears the squeaking of the pipe and comes back to capture Danny, but Danny takes the pipe and bashes the guard in the face before he can do anything, and escapes.

Meanwhile, in the airplane, Charlie, Aaron, and Maggie awake to find they are being threatened by knives. It seems they are not alone in the plane. Two bad men are threatening each of them. Aaron tells them to take whatever they want. Maggie instructs them to open her side pocket and they find a bottle of whiskey. One of the men grabs Charlie and drags her down the alleyway, preparing to rape her. When they get to the cockpit, Charlie starts fighting him. The other man who drank the whiskey starts to cough up blood and asks Maggie what was in the whiskey and collapses. Charlie throws the man off her into the wall. Suddenly, an arrow goes through the man and he dies, revealing that Nate shot the arrow.

The next morning, all four are walking through the woods. Nate says that is he going to Chicago, hoping to get on a fishing crew. Charlie tells him that they are also going to Chicago. Maggie is cross with Charlie for revealing that, but Charlie says she owes Nate and that there must be some good people in the world.

Danny is running toward a farmhouse, surrounded by bees and other insects. Clearly out of breath, he finds a barrel filled with water and lowers his head in to drink it. He emerges and begins to breathe heavily, as he is having another asthma attack. He collapses on the ground after noticing a white farm house around the corner.

The four come across the remains of Wrigley stadium. They venture around the streets and locate The Grand hotel. Aaron reveals to Maggie that it used to be a hotel and that he got married there. They enter and walk toward the remains of what used to be a bar and talk to the bartender, who is Miles. Miles pretends he isn’t, but reveals himself when Charlie mentions that Ben was murdered by militia. Miles tells Charlie to come with him.

Danny wakes up with a gun pointed at him by a woman, Grace. Grace gives him her son’s inhaler and asks him if the militia followed him there once Danny explains the chains around his arms. Danny says he doesn’t want to cause trouble and that he will leave. Grace then lowers the gun.

Miles pours a drink while Charlie tells him what is going on. She wonders why Monroe wants them. Miles says Monroe thinks they know why the lights went out. Charlie wonders how they get Danny back. Miles says he doesn’t want to come with them b/c he is maintaining a low profile. Charlie begs him to reconsider because they are family. Miles says he doesn’t even know her. Upset, Charlie storms off and says they should all leave.  Nate asks her what Miles said. Miles then stands behind them. Nate tries to defend Charlie, but Miles pulls Nate’s sleeve, revealing the militia tattoo. Nate defends himself with his bow and arrow and leaves the establishment.

Charlie apologizes. Miles says that Nate was probably from the same militia that took Danny and was hoping they would flush out Miles. Miles takes out the last malt liquor and plans to drink it b/c he figures they have 2 or 3 hours before Nate brings a squadron back. Maggie then begs Miles to go far away. Miles then raises his voice and tells everyone to leave.

Tom knocks on the Grace’s door. She answers. He asks if she has seen anyone in the area. She lies and says she hasn’t seen anyone in weeks. Tom asks what her occupation was before the blackout. She says she was a math teacher. He says he was an insurance adjuster and knows she’s lying b/c of the fresh tracks out back that look like she had carried someone into her backdoor. She caves and lets him in. Tom gets out his gun and boots down the door and apprehends Danny. Grace looks guilt-ridden.

Nate leads the militia into the hotel. They find him on a grand staircase. Miles unsheathes a sword. A great battle scene ensues wherein Miles basically defeats most of the militia by himself and little help from Charlie, who comes to his aid at a crucial moment. Three soldiers run after her. Aaron hides behind a wall and smacks one with a pole. The other turns around, about to kill Aaron, but is killed by Maggie.  The third soldier corners Charlie outside by a wall while she struggles to reload her crossbow. Miles continues to win against the militia with his swordplay. Suddenly, Nate saves Charlie by knocking out the soldier with his bow and runs away. Miles finally kills the intense looking soldier with his sword.

The four re-gather inside the hotel. Maggie is stitching Miles up. Maggie says she wanted to let Miles rot. Charlie says they came back b/c they’re family. Miles tells her if he is going to go with her, she will have to dial it back. Miles says that he cannot stay there b/c more troops will come for him. Aaron stares at the amulet.

A flashback of the blackout night happens where Miles and the passenger, who is revealed to be Sebastian Monroe, walks back to the military base after the blackout occurs. Sebastian shows his militia tattoo, which says Monroe, to the soldiers to let him in.

Back in the present, all four leave the hotel.

Soldiers then ride in to Monroe’s base on horseback. Sebastian is seen pouring a drink in his quarters. The solider brings him a paper message reading that Ben is dead and that they have Danny.

Grace walks up her stairs and unlocks a padlocked door. She enters a darkened room and sits at a cluttered desk. Grace takes out her own metallic amulet and pushes a button, activating the electric lights, and homemade electric devices on the desk. It seems she has perfected her own computer system. She begins to type on the computer on a primitive instant message-like program. She tells an unknown recipient that the militia was there and they did not find “it.” The recipient wonders what is next. Grace sits back in the seat and wonders that herself.

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