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Revolution 1X02 “Chained Heart” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/25/2012

Revolution 1X02 Chained Heart RecapRevolution Season 1, Episode 2 Chained Heat


Original Air Date: September 24, 2012

After a new CGI intro and episode recap, we see a flashback scene that takes place “one week after the blackout.” Rachel and Ben are shown packing up their possessions and telling Charlie that they are going on an adventure into the country. Rachel tells Charlie that her job is to never stop watching over both Danny and Ben.

Cut to Charlie and Danny being drug in a wagon. Charlie says she smells smoke but doesn’t hear any sirens. Ben reminds her that there are no more fire trucks. We next see the remains of looting and pillaging throughout what remains of the city, including smoke coming out of skyscrapers.  

Cut to adult Charlie 15 years after the blackout. Charlie is staring into the distance while Aaron and Maggie rest from their exit from Chicago. Maggie asks if Charlie is alright. Charlie says she is thinking. Aaron hears some clanging in the distance. Charlie asks where Miles is. We see Miles sword fighting with a bounty hunter next to train tracks with several abandoned trains next to them. Eventually, Miles renders the hunter unconscious. Before he can silt his throat, Charlie tries to get Miles to spare his life b/c he is unconscious. Miles says he is probably not alone.  Charlie begs Miles to spare his life. Miles agrees and gets Aaron to help drag him inside a boxcar. We then see Nate tracking the group from the other side of the train.

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We see the group walk through the woods and into “Pontiac Market” in Pontiac, Illinois as a man is talking in a religious manner about how humanity destroyed itself.  As they walk past the man amongst the crowd, they see a man being beaten by the militia. Charlie questions why this is happening and Maggie assures her that with the militia, it could be anything.  Charlie asks Miles why they are there when Danny is being held prisoner by people like that and she has to look out for him. Miles responds that he has to talk to someone important for help but will not tell her who he is yet and tells the group to stay put.

Miles wonders through what appears to be a gambling chamber lit by candlelight. He goes up to a clerk and asks for someone named Nora Clayton who plays card there and offers a bribe by sliding what appears to be gold across the table. The clerk asks what Miles’ business is. Miles just says he wants to know where she is. The clerk asks who Miles is. Suddenly, Miles is confronted by the bounty hunter who is standing behind him, who claims to have broken every bone in his hand to escape the boxcar. The gamblers clear the room in preparation for a flight. Miles asks him to tell him where Nora is. The bounty hunter says Miles is worth too much to not fight him. The bounty hunter then signals for his accomplices to enter the room from the other side with Maggie and Charlie with knives at their throats. Miles pretends to not know them. The bounty hunter reminds him that he saw them walking at the train yard. Miles says that he is just trying to have sex with Maggie.  Miles then surrenders when the bounty hunter threatens to kill both of them.

The brief title sequence flashes on the screen.Revolution Photo

Miles is seen being led away in handcuffs in the market. He suddenly starts fighting with his captors, defeating all of them. He then sees the bounty hunter. Miles fights and chokes the bounty hunter with the chain of the handcuffs. Miles asks if Nora is around. The bounty hunter says she is not because she was arrested for stealing militia gold and they sent her to a work camp around Fort Chesworth. Miles then breaks his neck.

We see Tom leading his militia through a cornfield. An explosion sound akin to a gunshot is heard in the distance. Tom asks Danny what that sound sounds like. Tom now knocks on a door of a house where a freshly killed cow dangles nearby.  When the owner appears, Tom acknowledges the cow and reminds him that it is illegal to trade any firearms and that the penalty is death. Tom then asks the owner if there is anything he’d like to share. The owner reaches and reveals a shotgun and throws it on the ground in front of Tom. Tom orders the house to be searched. The owner claims that that was the only weapon. Tom continues with the investigation as the militiamen reach for their swords and approach the entrance. The owner then reaches for a handgun and shoots a militia man in the stomach. Tom gets his gun out and shoots the owner dead. Tom comforts the fallen soldier.

We see the militia camp. Inside one of the tents, the bounty hunter, Gordon, is about to slit a prisoner’s throat. Monroe walks him and addresses him as Gordon Straussen. Gordon says he is interrogating a prisoner. Monroe says he cannot slaughter prisoners like animals. Gordon gives the knife to Monroe. Monroe introduces himself and tells the prisoner that he needs to know where the rebels are. Monroe gives a monologue calling the rebels “terrorists” and says he is not scared of them. The prisoner does not talk and Monroe proceeds to stab him himself.

By a campfire, Maggie is trying to break Miles’ handcuffs with a Swiss army knife. Aaron discovers that Maggie also has an iPhone in her bag. Miles tells Charlie to never get in the way of him killing someone again. Maggie breaks the cuffs. Miles says he’s leaving to Indiana for two weeks to get Nora because they need her because she is good at blowing things up. In the morning, Maggie wakes up to find both her pack and Charlie are missing. Aaron finds a note from Charlie saying that she went after Miles. Maggie screams for Charlie but there is no answer.

We see Charlie walking through the woods. She comes across a dirt slope and attempts to run down it but trips and falls down and sides all the way down the slope. She winces in pain as she motions to show that she has sprained her ankle. Suddenly, Nate appears down the slope. He offers to help her by looking at her injury. He approaches her and Charlie gets out Miles’ handcuffs and cuffs Nate to a telephone pole that happens to be right next to her. Charlie then rises and we see that she was faking the injury the whole time. Charlie says she could hear Nate trampling in the woods and knew she wasn’t alone. She then chides him for using her to get to Miles. Nate says he has orders to bring Miles in alive and admits to being militia. Charlie asks why he saved her in Chicago. Nate doesn’t give a reason. Charlie asks if his name is even Nate. Nate says no. Charlie walks away and tells Nate she is sure he’ll find his way out of the handcuffs.

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Maggie is frantically packing. Aaron says it is hopeless to try to track down Charlie. Maggie doesn’t agree. Aaron says he is sure she’ll find Miles and that they’ll see her again. Maggie tells Aaron that she keeps the iPhone b/c it contains the only pictures of her children. She says it is getting harder and harder to remember their faces so there is no guarantee of who they will see and who they won’t again anymore.

We see Tom standing over the wounded soldier in the wagon, who is lying close to Danny. Tom says he hasn’t much time left and offers him a vile full of poison. Tom tells the soldier not to be scared. The soldier drinks the poison and Tom assures hi he will go to heaven and be reunited with his family.  Danny watches on.

Charlie is walking through what used to be a playground. Charlie sees a deflated basketball and has a flashback of when right after the blackout, a man threatened Rachel to give all of their food to him or else he would kill her. She flashes back to the present and finds Miles. Miles confronts Charlie and asks her why she is tracking him. Charlie explains she feels this is her fault since she’s always looked after Danny ever since Rachel died since he has asthma attacks. She blames herself for Danny’s capture and Ben’s death. She needs to come along with him b/c she cannot live herself without knowing Danny I going to be alright.

Aaron confesses to Maggie that ben gave him the metallic amulet. Aaron says Ben told him to keep it safe and to give to Grace. Maggie asks who is Grace but Aaron doesn’t know.

We see Grace typing away at her home-made computer.

Maggie asks, “Why Grace?” Aaron suggests if they could get the power turned back on, then Maggie could see her children again in England. We see the working lightbulb in Grace’s room as she types. Aaron and Maggie walk along the train tracks. Maggie isn’t convinced. She stares at the amulet and asks why this Grace woman is so important. Aaron says he doesn’t know but Ben told him that she knew something about the power. Aaron suggests that the blackout was not natural and was man made and it can be fixed. 

Tom leads a funeral for the fallen soldier. Danny looks unmoved by the proceedings. Tom confronts Danny and tells him to have some conviction and say what he thinks. Tom says he doesn’t care of Danny doesn’t like that he killed the house owner since he feels the militia is the only thing from preventing anarchy. Danny just thinks Tom enjoys killing people. Tom chokes Danny and tells him he appreciates the honesty and lets him go.

Charlie and Miles are still walking through the forest when they notice a work camp force dragging a helicopter through the forest. Miles says Monroe actually thinks he can get the power started again.  Miles spots Nora working. A prisoner in front of her begins to fail and collapse in front of her. Nora orders the man to get up and start working again but he does not. One of the militiamen fires a rifle and kills the man. Miles says he is nothing with his sword against that type of rifle and both he and Charlie stay put.

At night, Miles waits for the militiamen to walk away from monitoring the prisoners and frees Nora. They run into the forest. The militiaman orders the prisoners to wake up. Nora tells Miles that she didn’t need to be rescued since she got arrested in purpose so she could steal the sniper rifle so she could sell it on the black market. Nora is upset that sneaking and killing the guard is out. Charlie tells Nora it is her fault that Miles is here. Nora asks Miles what his angle is in helping Charlie. Miles says he has no angle and that he is helping family. Miles tells Nora that she will help them b/c she owes him for something else that happened before.  Nora agrees but is adamant about getting the rifle.

In the morning, Nora is planning to take out the warden to get the rifle. Charlie offers to help by going up to the warden and pretending to be lost in the woods. Nora likes this idea but Miles does not. Charlie says she is doing it b/c of saving the innocent people who are working as slaves. Suddenly, Miles agrees to help her. Charlie approaches the militia and draws her crossbow. Charlie pretends to be lost. The warden demands she puts it down and apprehends her. The soldier with the rifle orders Charlie to be brought to him. Charlie then remembers the man who almost killed her in front of Rachel. Ben saved her by brandishing his handgun and threatening the man. The man walks away with the food after letting Charlie go. Ben threatens to shoot him but doesn’t out of humanity. Charlie is brought to the rifle holding soldier. He asks where she from. Charlie remembers that Rachel actually shot the man who took the food. Charlie then shoots the rifle-holding soldier. Miles and Nora kill the minions while Charlie wrestles with the warden for control of the rifle.  Nora is wounded by a sword blade. Charlie gets the rifle and kills the warden with it. They proceed to free the prisoners. Miles says she did good b/c she freed the prisoners. Charlie is upset that she had to kill people. Miles calls Charlie unusual. Miles then notices Nora’s wound. He then says that he knows she is not going to sell it but give it to the rebels. Miles warns her that she will be lynched for this. Nora is convinced she will kill Monroe first.

Maggie and Aaron walk with the amulet. We then see Grace typing away. She hears a knock at the door. She shuts off the computer. Grace goes to door and sees that it is Randall. She locks the door and runs back to the computer and turns it on. Grace frantically sends out a message that Randall is there. Randall busts the door down and finds Grace in her secret room. He confronts her with an electric cattle prod that is working. We can see that Randall has an amulet of his own that he wears, but we cannot see his face yet.

Monroe walks into a high class building and sees Rachel sitting at a table writing. He makes sure she is being taken care of. Rachel says she couldn’t be better. Monroe says it is good to see someone from the old days. Rachel says she liked him better as a womanizing drunk. Monroe agrees. Monroe tells Rachel that Ben is dead. Rachel assumes Monroe killed him. Monroe says it was the last thing he wanted. Rachel asks if he is done. Monroe puts Rachel in a stranglehold and says that he has Danny and she will only see him again if she tells him everything she knows about Ben and the electricity.

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