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Revolution 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/18/2012

Revolution 1x02 HD PromoRevolution 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’ HD Promo



I watched the first episode of Eric Kripke’s Revolution and the show has promise. The Pilot was well crafted, but that was to be expected since Jon Favreau directed it.


Look, this show has a lot of heavy weights behind it, a lot of good television minds. Warner Bros. Television and JJ Abrams Bad Robot produce the show and the premise in fascinating. My question is, how do you stretch this story out into a five or six season show?


It has the same problem Tera Nova had. The first episode of Terra Nova was also very good, but then it fell off the map. No, you’re right, it’s not fair to compare the two this early, but both are apocalyptic shows that take place in the future and deal with science that completely invented. I mean, how does the worlds energy just turn off?


I look forward to next weeks episode nonetheless, and the promo below has me wanting more. I also can’t wait to get the ratings for the pilot, which may be down, because the show debut on Hulu last week.



Here’s NBC’s new HD promo for Revolution. Episode 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’ premieres Monday September 24, at 10pm on NBC.


Revolution 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’ HD Promo


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