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Revolution 1X03 “No Quarter” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/02/2012

Revolution Photo Season 1 Episode 3Revolution Season 1, Episode 3 “No Quarter”

After opening credits, previous episode recap, we see Charlie, Nora, and Miles walking through a fence. Miles is trying to convince Nora to keep the rifle, but Nora insists that the rebels need it more.  Miles says that this is not like Nora to fight for a lost cause. Miles thinks the rebels will be butchered before they bring back the United States.

Cut to a flashback of Miles and Russell in the military base after the blackout happened. Miles is determined to walk to Chicago to get to his brother. Russell decides to go with him after trying to talk him out of it. Miles says no, but Russell says that Miles is like family to him so it is his problem.

We cut back to the present. The three come to a dilapidated restaurant building that is the rebel base. When Miles approaches, he is greeted with three men with crossbows aimed at him.  Nora raises her arms and requests they not shoot. Nicholas arrives and Nora embraces him, causing the men to lower their crossbows. Charlie and Miles share an awkward glance. Nicholas notices that Nora got the rifle.  Miles identifies himself as Stu Redman and Charlie as Frannie in homage to Stephen King’s The Stand. Nora plays along. They enter the rebel base and notice there are many shooting victims lying about. One victim tries to whisper something to Charlie as she puts pressure on his wounds but she cannot understand him. Nicholas tells them the military shot them as they were pursuing the guns. 12 were killed and 1 is missing. Miles asks if he is giving up his position. Charlie says the victim she was talking to is dead. Miles says this is what being a rebel gets you.

We see Russell standing above the captured and wounded rebel Nicholas mentioned before. Russell threatens him with a form of Russian roulette where he fires at the rebel until the rebel will tell them the location of the base and gives a monologue about how rare bullets are these days. The rebel gives them up very quickly. Russell orders there be no survivors and shoots the rebel anyway.

We cut to the militia base. Tom is reading a copy of Iacocca. Danny is chained. A guard offers him water and drops it intentionally. Danny asks if there is a problem and the guard says that Danny killed his best friend with a crossbow. Danny says his best friend murdered his father. The guard responds callously by saying that that was no big loss.  Danny calls for Tom and tells him to kill him or give him water. Tom responds by ordering the guard to give him water.

Back at the rebel base, Miles talks to Nora.  Miles says it is tie to leave now that Nora gave the rifle to the rebels. Nora says there is too much damage to leave. Charlie says it is her call b/c all this is about is getting Danny back. Charlie asks Nora how much time she needs. Nora says a half an hour.  Miles is adamant this not happen. Charlie snaps back at Miles that he said Nora is the only way to get Danny back so she and Nora are staying.

Cut to Aaron and Maggie looking at a map while they arrive at Grace’s house. They seem unimpressed with the “low key” house itself.  Aaron knocks at the door but no one answers. Maggie knows there is something wrong so she enters the house. They search and Maggie finds a portrait of Grace and two children. They venture into the attic. Grace’s computer has been trashed. Aaron finds a computer chip in the rubble that he identifies as an 8 bit register. He also finds an IB connector and CPU.  Aaron suggest Grace built a computer b/c she had electricity. Maggie says they cannot stay b/c bad things have happened there. Aaron says they need to stay b/c if Grace had power that is all that matters now.

We now see Charlie nursing a wounded rebel, Sam. Charlie says Sam will heal b/c she was once wounded by a bully in the same area of her body that Sam is hurt in.  Meanwhile, Nora accuses Miles of acting like a jealous kid. Miles says he knows something happened to Nora to make her change her views.  She says Nicholas is a Catholic priest so she is not having a relationship with him. Nora acknowledges that she is there for a guy, but it isn’t Nicholas. Nicholas is then discussing a future rendezvous when the militia open fire on the base and everyone ducks for cover. They fire about four rounds. Charlie notices that Sam is now shot and mortally wounded. Nicholas says a prayer and covers Sam’s face. Mile orders Trevor and other rebels to go to the roof and defend the base with the rifle. Charlie is distraught over Sam’s death to leave his side. Nora orders Charlie to keep it together and help her. Trevor begins to fire and kills about five militiamen, causing Russell to evacuate the militia. Miles starts to dig a tunnel against Nicholas’ wishes with minimum equipment to escape the militia.

Cut to nightfall. The militia is still trying to infiltrate the base, but Trevor keeps firing to keep them at bay. Russell suggests sending in more men so Trevor will run out of bullets quicker. When Russell orders his second in command to do this, a shot is fired and Russell’s second in command is dead. Inside, Nora has created a trip wire that sets off a bleach chloride blast. Charlie asks her if they will get out alive. Nora says she doesn’t think so b/c they are outmanned. Charlie asks about why she joined the rebellion. Nora says she was with Miles for a while, but then along came Frank. Nora explains that Frank dumped her after she fought militia when Frank tried to defend her honor. Nora says she was five months pregnant then and this boy is the reason she joined but she miscarried the next day.  Nora says if she has another baby, she wants it to be born in the United States.

We cut to the guard kicking Danny awake in the middle of the night.  The guard is still going on how Danny killed his best friend, Templeton. Danny acknowledges this. The guard explains how he had to tell Templeton’s wife, Carol, how he died.  He says Carol is expecting him to get payback.  The guard says he did and again, and again, and again. The guard shows Danny a heavy sack he is carrying. Danny reminds him that Tom wants him alive. The guard says that Danny will stay alive but wish he wasn’t and proceeds to beat him with the heavy sack repeatedly.

We cut to a flashback six months after the blackout. Miles and Russell come across a murdered family in a campground. They approach the decaying bodies. Miles asks how many bodies they have come across just like that. How could this happen? Russell says that people get desperate when they’re hungry. Miles says nobody will come and help, no one.

Cut back to the present. Miles, Nicholas, and a rebel named Albert are digging the tunnel. Nicolas feels they will get out. Miles says it must be nice to have faith. Trevor continues to fire, kills a militiaman, but misses Russell. Trevor reloads the rifle. The tunnel collapses on Albert. Nora runs to help Albert. Miles pulls Albert out safely. Charlie asks what next? Miles suggest rebuilding the tunnel. Suddenly, they hear sounds on the roof that suggest that Trevor has run out of ammunition and the militia is attacking him. Miles says they cannot fight fifty soldiers themselves. Charlie gets defensive and says that her father would say cowardly things like not fighting the militia off themselves just like when the militia would come for their crops and women. Miles gets upset and tells her to not disrespect her father. Suddenly, the trip wire is activated and they know the militia is coming. Miles tells Charlie to stay put. Charlie obeys put grabs a pipe.

Russell enters and kills several rebels with his sword. Miles fights off some armed militiamen with his sword. Charlie fights a militiaman with her pipe. A big fight ensues. Eventually, Russell recognizes Miles and Miles takes Russell hostage. They drag Russell into the room with the tunnel with the rebels. Russell blows Miles’ cover to Nicholas and reveals to Charlie and the rest that they know each other from way back. As he is being tied up, Russell reveals that Miles was the original leader of the republic and that he was only second in command. Miles “taught [him] everything he knows,” Russell says. Charlie looks shocked.

Nicholas threatens Miles after the news is delivered and is upset at Nora for bringing him here. Miles says it doesn’t matter and that they can get out of the situation by giving Russell up. Russell explains that won’t work b/c the rules of engagement have changed where they don’t negotiate with traders anymore. Russell shows no regret and Miles punches him in the face, knocking him out.  Charlie feels she deserves an explanation. Miles admits he killed many people in his rise to power. Miles says the militia cannot be stopped b/c he trained them.

Aaron and Maggie are looking through Grace’s belongings. Aaron is frustrated and Maggie says she found some salt and curry. Aaron is annoyed by the metallic amulet and its meaning. Maggie just leaves him be.

Back at the rebel base, the militia is trying a battling ram to break in. Nicholas has suggested running out. Miles says he thinks that plan is awful and suggest they make a trade. Miles proceeds to slap Russell. Miles says he will turn himself in to Russell if he agrees to let everyone else go. Russell says he wants the rifle. Miles agrees to let him have it. Nora questions this logic. Miles assures her that Russell will keep his word. The militia ride off with Miles. Charlie, Nora, and Nicholas look in the distance. Charlie thinks they will kill Miles. Nicholas seems to think that is appropriate retribution for his war crimes. Charlie reminds Nicholas that he is a priest, but Nicholas doesn’t feel that changes anything and prays that God forgives him.

Danny is seen struggling. The guard walks over and acts like nothing is wrong. Danny says he is having an asthma attack. The guard leans in to help him and Danny breaks his act uses his chains to strangle the guard. Danny threatens to kill the guard if he touches him again and lets him go. Danny notices that Tom is watching him do this.

The militia is walking away, Russell tells Miles that they think Monroe wants him b/c he knows how to bring the power back. They comment that Russell has gotten much more myopic and aggressive in recent times. As they approach a bridge, a soldier steps on a trip wire and a great explosion is seen. Nora and Charlie appear and ward off the soldiers as Miles fights off Russell and run away. Charlie drops a bag on the bridge and runs to a ledge where she shooting a flaming arrow with her crossbow, causing another great explosion on the bridge.

Cut to another flashback six months after the blackout. Miles and Russell notice a man being robbed and beaten in the woods. Miles intervenes and gets out his gun and points it at one of the attackers. The attacker says he was just trying to get food to eat. Miles realizes this is the same person who killed the couple. Miles kills both of the attackers. Russell asks if Miles just going to go around killing people. Miles says they have to do something. Mile and Russell help the victim up, who turns out to be Monroe, and help walk him out of the woods.

Back in the present, Miles, Charlie, and Nora are walking away in the woods. Miles says he wants to hear that they think he’s a monster. Charlie says she won’t say it b/c she doesn’t think it. Miles disagrees. Charlie says that since Miles saved a lot of the rebels at the base, he must still care. Miles disagrees and they walk on.

Back at Grace’s, Aaron is trying to amuse Maggie by talking about how he built his life from the ground up and the blackout took everything from him, brought him back to his bullied childhood, and that he is now weak and afraid. Suddenly, the amulet starts buzzing. Aaron looks at it. Then, a portable CD player on a side table begins playing a Marvin Gaye song. Aaron puts on headphones to listen to it.  Maggie grabs her iPhone and sees it turn on and sees her children’s photo.  After a few moments, the amulet turns off and the appliances’ power go with them. Maggie asks Aaron how that happened. Aaron doesn’t know, but stares at the amulet anyway, searching for a clue.



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