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Revolution 1X04 The Plague Dogs Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/09/2012

Revolution 1X04 The Plague Dogs RecapRevolution Season 1, Episode 4 – The Plague Dogs


Original Air Date – October 8, 2012 – We start with Charlie running from a militiaman down a hill. The soldier catches up to her after Charlie falls down the hill. The soldier holds a knife up to her and orders that she give her bag to him, which contains a week’s rations. Charlie asks to be let but the soldier is unsympathetic. Of course, it is revealed that it is a ploy so Miles can punch the soldier out and demand information about Danny from him. The soldier instantly caves since he knows who Miles is. The soldier says they have gone to Noblesville. Miles stands the soldier up and punches him out.

As they wander, Charlie asks Miles what stories the solider knew about him. Miles won’t say and demands that Charlie stop asking him questions or he’s done helping her.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie are waiting for Charlie. Maggie is worried now that two weeks have passed since they left. Aaron has faith that Charlie will make it. Suddenly, Maggie has a flashback of her in Seattle skyping with her children when the blackout happened. Aaron doesn’t want to tell anyone about the amulet b/c people have died for it. Suddenly, Charlie and Miles enter with Nora.  Charlie says that Danny is close so they can find him by dawn. Maggie then agrees to leave immediately to get on the trail.  At night, the group comes across the path of some very aggressive dogs who bark at them. Miles orders to run. The title card appears.

The group runs from the dogs to a fence. All climb to escape. Unfortunately, Aaron is bit as he is climbing and Maggie has to shoot a dog with an arrow from her crossbow. The rest get out uninjured.  Aaron cannot run now and is being carried by Miles.

We now see Tom and his militia moving in the night with Danny still being chained in the wagon.  Danny hears thunder and tells Tom they need to find shelter. Tom decides to listen to him, even though they’re an hour away from Noblesville.

Monroe enters Rachel’s suite. Rachel says she cannot sleep. Monroe says he wants information on why the power went out. Rachel denies knowing anything. Monroe explains he has not killed Rachel b/c of their friendship. Monroe then orders a minion to get out an archaic looking set of tools. The minion apologizes to Rachel in advance for what he is about to do.

Maggie is tending to Aaron. Maggie assures Aaron that he does not have rabies. Miles approaches Nora and says that he wants out of this, even though it is about his family. Nora says this is so typical of Miles, but Miles doesn’t care b/c he feels none of this is his fault. He turns around and walks past Charlie. Charlie then has a flashback of when Rachel left her, Ben, and Danny after the blackout, saying that she was getting supplies. Rachel makes Charlie promise she would do what Ben says and protect Danny. Back in the present, the group hears the dogs and decide to leave immediately.  They bust through a fence and see an abandoned amusement park to hide in, with a strange man holding one of the dogs on a leash looking at them in the distance.

During the day, we see the militia escaping the on-coming storm by entering a barn. Tom orders Danny to be taken out of the wagon. A solider leave shim sitting on a box loosely handcuffed. Danny looks around and sees a way out of the barn.

The group is walking while Aaron says he once had a “lapdog of kings.” Nate watches the group in the distance. Miles had noticed him and tries to attack Nate from his back with his sword. Nate catches Miles and throws him down and they fight of a bit. The group stops them from fighting. Charlie says Nate would be good to have since he has inside information. Miles objects but Charlie confronts him by saying it really isn’t any of his business b/c he is leaving. Miles just gets quiet and walks away as Nora handcuffs Nate. Charlie asks where Miles is going. Miles says he is getting his sword and Charlie tells him to go to hell as Maggie watches from behind. Maggie then has another flashback in Buffalo, New York after she walked all of the way from Seattle following the blackout where she was denied a passageway back to England b/c steamships are now a thing of the past b/c they were destroyed in wars or militia took them. Maggie tells the navel man that he has been very kind when he says that “one day” she might be able to go back.

Back in the barn, Danny gets out of the handcuffs and makes a run for it by making a horse run, distracting the soliders while he squeezes through the hole in the wall. Tom sees Danny and punches him to the ground and starts to beat him senseless. Tom is interrupted by the sudden formation of a tornado above head. Tom realizes this and grabs Danny and blots into the nearest underground tornado shelter just in time.

Back at the amusement park, Maggie confronts Miles about leaving. Maggie says he knows Miles is one of the great murderers, but that doesn’t make him better off without Charlie. Maggie uses the example of how she tried for years to get back to England, failed, and then was interrupted in a suicide attempt in Wisconsin by Ben when he was filling up his water bottles by a lake. We see Ben inviting Maggie back to his campfire. Maggie says Charlie and Danny saved her by giving her a reason to live. Maggie says that Charlie could do the same for Miles. Suddenly, the dogs surround the group, but they take refuge in an abandoned diner behind them.  They all get in unharmed, except for Maggie. Maggie is caught by the dogs’ owner, get accused of killing his dog, and is stabbed in the leg. Miles rescues her and brings her in the diner, bleeding. Maggie says her artery has been severed.

Back in the storm shelter, Tom tell Danny they should be civil since Danny reminds Tom of his son.  Danny doesn’t really warm to Tom and says that at least ben didn’t kill people. Tom says he has to be the way he is b/c of having to survive the fallout from the blackout and that ben was a better person than he ever will be.

Back in the diner, the group is trying to help Maggie survive her bleeding. Miles ties up Nate to a pillar and he and Nora decide to get on the roof and hopscotch until they find the owner to tell him to call off the dogs. Maggie says she wants them to leave her. Charlie will not leave b/c Maggie was always there for her after Rachel left.

The storm starts to rip the barn apart, and then dissipates.  Tom is celebrating this when the shelter collapses.

Charlie trying to sanitize Maggie wound with a flask of whiskey when the owner grabs her from the kitchen window and runs away.

On the roof, Nora and Miles run around. They come back with nothing. Aaron says the owner took Charlie. Nate says what he saw and that Charlie is still alive. Miles frees and Nate and orders hi to come with him. Nora stays behind.

In the shelter, Tom is stuck under debris and asking Danny for mercy. Tom asks Danny what his father would as the rest of the shelter starts to collapse. Danny then frees Tom just in time. Tom then apprehends Danny b/c he is too important to let get away.

The owner then talks to Charlie as he bobby traps the area where Charlie is tied up to fire an arrow at her head if someone opens the door. The owner mentions his deceased daughter, Lila, and how he failed to protect her b/c he didn’t have meds for her when she got tetanus after stepping on a nail. The owner says Charlie reminds him of Lila.  Charlie hears Miles and screams for help, but the owner puts electric tape on her mouth to silence her. Nate and Miles enter a stairwell and Nate is attacked by the owner. The owner attacks Miles with a knife but Miles fights him off. Nate then attacks the owner with his own arrow and stabs him fatally. They hear Charlie screaming through the tape. Charlie tries to pry the chair out of its bolts by shaking it back and forth. Miles opens the door, but Charlie is able to unbolt and move the chair a little just as the arrow fires and narrowly misses her head. Charlie says she is OK with tape on her mouth after Miles asks her.

Back in the diner, Charlie, Miles, and Nate return after Miles gives the dogs tranquilizers. Charlie and Aaron are optimistic for Maggie’s recovery but Maggie says she has lost too much blood and asks for her iPhone. Aaron gets out Maggie’s copy of The Wizard of Oz and the iPhone. Maggie has a flashback of her reading the book to her sons.  Maggie says that Charlie saved her, but it is clearly Maggie’s time to go and passes away holding the iPhone. Everyone starts crying and Miles is suddenly convinced to not leave Charlie.

Back in Rachel’s, Monroe asks her what kind of mother she is since she abandoned her children. Monroe accuses Rachel of being cold. Monroe says that Danny will arriving soon and they will see how strong Rachel is when they rip out Danny’s molars. Only then will they know if Rachel cares for her children, Rachel then has a flashback of her walking away from her family. Rachel then ran off to Miles when he was general, just as he asked her to. It appears that Rachel agreed to this arrest b/c Miles promised Rachel that she would see her children again. Miles is silent and just walks away as Rachel is handcuffed.


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