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Revolution 1X05 “Soul Train” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/16/2012

 1X05 Soul Train RevolutionRevolution Season 1, Episode 5 “Soul Train”

It starts with Tom fighting members of his militia. To orders Danny to get involved and beats up pretty badly. Cut to a flashback of Tom getting fired before the blackout for being too nice.

Cut to Maggie being buried. Miles demands get leave to find Danny. As they venture through the forest, they hear the sound of a train. They see that Monroe’s side has a train.

We see Rachel inside her chambers. Monroe tells Rachel Danny will be going to Philadelphia on the train. Rachel begs Monroe to let Danny go. Rachel claims she will tell Monroe everything she knows. Monroe feels confident about this b/c he has Danny.

Cut to Miles. Miles is certain that Danny will be on the train. Miles warns the group that they need to rescue him before he is put on that train or Danny will be dead.

Tom attempts to tell Danny about his past. Danny doesn’t want to listen. This bothers Tom. Cut to a flashback to Tom teaching his own son how to punch a heavy bag as the lights went out.

Cut to Nora entering  bookstore and getting a biography of Joe Biden. This is meant to be an indicator. The man Nora is asking says his name is Hutch. Hutch tells Nora he is the only surviving member of his unit. This includes his wife.

Cut to Charlie bumping into Tom. Tom asks Charlie what she is doing there. Charlie says her boyfriend might be cheating on her. Tom plays dumb, but corners Charlie once she goes around a corner. Miles arrives and fights with Tom, which gets Charlie away from his clutches. Miles offers Tom a trade for Nate. Tom doesn’t want it. Miles threatens to kill Nate and Tom shrugs it off.

Nora and Hutch go to their hiding grounds. Nora orders Hutch to tell Miles that she will plant an explosive on the train. Nora says Miles needs to find Danny first.

Cut to Miles yelling at Charlie for destroying any attempt of surprise in this rescue. Charlie replies that it is sad to see Miles so horrid.

Cut to Tom saying he wants Danny in a more secure location. Danny comments that Tom looks nervous. Cut to another flashback showing Tom beating his neighbor six weeks after the blackout.

Back in the present, Charlie is saying that she wants Miles to stop Nora from putting the bomb on the train. Charlie wants information from Nate, but he says he is useless. Nate then escapes after Miles gets out his sword.

Cut to Monroe speaking to a lieutenant named John about imprisoning North America.

Nora successfully gets on the train and the bomb in a woodpile as it I placed inside a log.

Danny is put on the train ahead of schedule and it starts to leave. Hutch stabs Nora in the stomach when Nora tries to get the bomb off. Nora manages to tell everyone about the bomb and Danny and gives the location.

Cut to Charlie and Miles stealing some horses to run after the train. Once on, Miles goes for the woodpile with the bomb.
Charlie gets on and finds Danny. Danny attacks Tom to help Charlie, but ti doesn’t work and Tom hold Charlie against a wall. Danny fights Tom and saves Charlie.

Cut to Miles throwing the bomb out of the door of the train.

Cut to Nate showing up to grab Charlie and Tom pulling a gun to Danny’s head. Nate helps Charlie by tossing her off the train. Miles then jumps off the train. Tom handcuffs Danny and chides Nate for not bringing him Charlie.

As Charlie recovers from escaping the train, Miles tells her that he cannot be the person she once knew. This mostly b/c he has to kill his best friend in Philadelphia, which is where the train is going.

Cut to Tom and co. arriving safely in Philadelphia. Tom hugs his wife. She looks at Nate and calls him Jason b/c he is their son. Cut to a flashback of Tom teaching Jason to not be afraid.

Back in Rachel’s quarters, Monroe angrily asks what Ben was working on. Rachel then draws a picture of the amulet Aaron wears and claims there are a dozen of them and that she was working on them with him.


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