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Revolution 1X06 “Sex & Drugs” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/31/2012

Revolution 1X06 sex and drugsRevolution Season 1, Episode 6 “Sex & Drugs”

We start with Miles, Charlie, and Aaron escaping with the wounded Nora in a horse-drawn carriage. Charlie remarks that Nora could get infected. Miles they are about five hours away from the nearest help. Charlie reminds Aaron of Maggie. This causes Aaron to flashback to the night of the black out when he was still very wealthy and riding around in limousines. Aaron and his wife were about to leave on an anniversary trip when the lights went out. They were stopped in the middle of street and were suddenly hit by an on-coming semi-truck coming from the right side.

Cut to Danny and Tom walking into Monroe’s office. Monroe says he sees Rachel inside of Danny and has him escorted away. Tom tries to apologize for Ben’s death, but Monroe won’t hear of it and promotes him to Major of Intelligence and Interrogations.

The carriage heads to a mansion. Aaron notes that there are poppies in the yard but the land is so harsh. Miles tells the guards to let someone named Drexel know that he is there. They allow them in and Drexel runs down the main staircase holding a gun. Drexel orders Miles and Aaron get on their knees and Charlie raises her arms. Drexel begins a countdown starting with three with the gun pointed at Miles’ head. At the end of the countdown, the gun discharges; it was never loaded. Drexel just laughs and says it’s all fun and games. Drexel then orders everyone in the house as long as they leave their weapons. Drexel excuses himself to go have sex with two lightly-dressed women on the upstairs balcony. Aaron looks suspicious at him.

Cut to a flashback of Aaron and his wife two months after the blackout. His wife is badly wounded and Aaron is practically dragging her. They settle under an underpass. A man named Sean appears and asks what is wrong with her. Aaron says it is her stomach. Sean says it might be dysentery.  Sean gives her something to drink.

Cut back to the mansion. Miles is downstairs in a basement with the wounded Nora. A man who seems to have medical knowledge, asks what Miles’ blood type is. Luckily, Miles is a universal donor so he can donate blood to Nora. The medical man then says that Nora is in a septic shock. Miles gets on a slab and donates his blood while holding her hand. Charlie is in a grand bedroom and has a bath drawn for her by servant girls. She remembers Rachel leaving and Ben and Maggie dying. She then remembers Danny leaving on the train and she suddenly gets up and goes through her bag and rips up her postcards.

Back at Monroe’s, a lieutenant arrives and Tom chastises his report. Monroe asks about Nora and the amulet. Monroe says Strasser will bring them Miles and the amulet and nothing else.

Strasser speaks about how his father was a butcher. Tom tells him about his new mission.

Back in the mansion, everyone is gathered around Nora. Drexel enters and tells everyone how he worked under Miles when he was general. Drexel goes on to explain he was tainted by Miles’ desertion so feels Miles is indebted to him. Drexel then leads everyone to the balcony and explains how they torched the land from Irish neighbors who didn’t like their use of heroin. Drexel then says he wants Charlie, not Miles to settle the score with the Irish people. Drexel then says if Charlie doesn’t, he will kill all of them. Charlie reluctantly agrees.

In the bedroom, Charlie is in a gown. Miles doesn’t want her to do it. Aaron thinks they should be thanking the innocent Irish people, not killing them. Drexel enters and tells her hide a knife in her hair and stab a man named Bill in his eye. He tells her to tell them that he is always roughing her up, then punches her to make it seem realistic. Miles reacts but his guards point their rifles at him.

Cut to another flashback eight months after the blackout. Aaron and his wife’s campground is being invaded. Aaron’s wife is almost abducted, but Sean saves her and kills the invaders.

Charlie walks off. In the bedroom, Drexel gives Miles something for their trouble and explains that they will kill her if she actually kills Bill. They are now even. Aaron urges Miles to do something b/c Charlie is family to both of them. Aaron tells him to just knock out the guard at the door b/c he has an idea.

Charlie enters what is left of the Ohio State University. She asks to see Bill as she is one of Drexel’s girls. The guard says no one sees him except family. Charlie stats to walk away, but then the guard orders her to be searched.

Aaron calls to the guards to come to him. Miles breaks the guard’s neck. They separate.  Miles kills a bunch of guards. Drexel seems to notice.

Charlie enters Bill’s lair while Bill is playing with his daughter. Bill makes everyone leave. Charlie says her name is Sarah and puts the knife on the table. Bill says he was a cop before the blackout and that he lost his wife to Drexel’s heroin. Bill puts drink down and it knocks the knife on the ground.

Aaron is brought to the yard surrounded by guards. Aaron asks Nora to be let go. Aaron sees the guards Nora being dragged out. The guards shoot her up with adrenaline and she wakes up. Drexel gets out a box with two guns and says that Nora and Aaron are going to shoot each other.

Bill asks what Charlie would like to tell him about Drexel. Charlie sees a bigger knife and gets it while Bill gets her tea. Charlie tries to stab Bill with the knife while back is turned but he turns around and knocks it out of her hand. Charlie, in turn, knocks Bill out with the tea kettle. Charlie is about to stab Bill with the knife but Miles appears and stops her in time.

Back at the yard, Drexel says if Nora and Aaron refuse to play, he will kill them both.

Cut to a flashback of Aaron trying to light a fire with his wife. Aaron cannot, but his wife says she doesn’t care about that.

Cut back to the yard. Aaron orders Nora to shoot him while Drexel ducks in an armored car. Aaron then raises the gun and shoots himself. Aaron seems to be dead. Drexel stands over him. Aaron wakes up and shoots Drexel. He asks how many other bullets were in the gun and holds the gun at the guards and says he just wants to take Nora and leave. The guards let the go. They rendezvous with Charlie and Miles.

Cut to another flashback. Aaron‘s wife wakes up. She finds that he has left his wedding ring with a note that he cannot protect her and to stay with the group b/c they can. His wife wanders off while Aaron watches.

We then see Danny lead to a courtyard to see Rachel on a bench. They embrace.


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