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Revolution 1X07 The Children’s War Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/07/2012

Revolution Photo Season 1 Episode 7 The Children's WarRevolution Season 1, Episode 7 “The Children’s War”

It starts with a scene of Charlie being branded, showing that she is now a member of the militia.

Cut to a flashback of two day prior. Miles is warning Charlie to focus more on her brother and everyone else. Charlie ignores this and they are captured by a group of children looking for someone named Peter. Charlie assumes that Peter was captured by militia. The children’s parents are not anywhere to be found and even Aaron doesn’t know what happened.

Michael, the leader of the children, tells Miles and Charlie that militia killed their parents, possibly b/c of an American flag. Peter was the leader before that. Charlie then nominates herself as the rescuer of Peter. Miles agrees so they can get out.

Monroe then grills Rachel for more information about the amnulets.

Rachel then remembers three years before the storm, she and Ben invented a device that actually inhibited electricity. Rachel then got suspicious about signing a contract with the Department of Defense. Ben didn’t think they had much of a choice.

Next, back in the present, Miles sees that the kids are following them. They want to help since Peter was their brother. Peter is then brought to a harbor where prisoners are brought onto boats.

Then, one of the kids takes the amulet from Aaron’s bag. They then reach the harbor area where Peter was seen. Miles refers to it a soldier’s “factory.” He doesn’t think they’ll be able to get in very easily.

Rachel then remembers her pregnancy problems before the blackout. Ben and her cry about it in a doctor’s office.

Back in Monroe’s jail cell, Rachel sees a beaten man she remembers named Bradley. He mentions that he has hidden his amulet. He says Monroe won’t make him talk and doesn’t want to trust Rachel.

Miles is then told that Charlie yearns to sneak into the harbor factory. Miles disagrees but Charlie seems him up to it, causing Miles to say that they need to find a master key. Charlie allows herself to get beaten and captured.

Bradley and Rachel are then placed in the same room. Rachel tells him she is a prisoner and he will killed eventually. Rachel says she could be trusted b/c she never said anything to Monroe until he kidnapped Danny. Tom then brings Bradley’s daughter in the room and threatens to kill her.

Charlie now is in line with a bunch of new soldiers and listens to a welcome message. A boy mentions that he does not want to be a soldier and leaves, and then is beaten upon exit. Charlie then fights with a new soldier and gets injured. Charlie then knocks out a medical person. An officer sees the whole thing and then it transitions to Charlie getting branded in the opening scene.

Miles then enters the boat. The children tell Aaron that Michael also has left to find Peter.
Michael is then seen on-board with bows and arrows. Nora and Miles find both Charlie and Peter. The officer who gave Charlie the brand has captured Michael and holds him hostage.

Aaron’s amulet suddenly turns on and with it, the lighthouse. Miles then turns his weapons on the soldiers while they are distracted.

Monroe has now sent some soldiers to retrieve Bradley’s amulet with a promise that his daughter and him will be released if he forks it over willingly. Monroe then wonders why the lights went on. Rachel asks why it matters. We then cut back to a flashback with the DoD representative. He says that Rachel can get into a study at Columbia where her pregnancy problem can be looked at.
Peter is then reunited with the children. Miles asks Aaron about the lighthouse turning on. Aaron then reveals about the amulet and its occasional electric powers that he got from Ben. Miles then wants to destroy it. Aaron says he thinks that the reason the soldiers came for Ben. He tells the story, and mentions Grace.

Grace is then seen is jail speaking with the same man from the DoD in the flashback. The Dod man says he wants to be friends with her.


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