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Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford in Blade Runner Sequel

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/27/2012

Blade Runner

I’ve watched Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner,’ thirty times. No, I’m not psychotic, I was a kid in the early ’90′s and it’s one of the few tapes my older cousin owned. I know every line of that movie and though I only watch it every couple of years now, it has had a major influence in my cinematic life and it’s one of my favorite films of all time.


If you went to film school like I did, you dissected this film along with Alien, Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane and The Abyss.  All of those films were ahead of their time and film instructors love to show you why. And rightly so.


With ‘Blade Runner,’ it was the colors. The neon lights. The future and all that was possible. When you saw Harrison Ford get picked up by a young Edward James Olmos, you believed one day flying cars would actually be a reality. You believed human replicants were going to be an all but certain part of life by 2019.  What I’m saying is, it seemed plausible and even more impressive, the 1982 film looked and felt plausible. One could almost imagine Los Angeles actually resembling Linda DeScenna and David L. Snyder’s futuristic vision.


Blade Runner


So for years, geeks and film fans like me have been pinning for a sequel. It always made perfect sense. The hero lived. There were more Replicants to hunt down. It would have been the right move in the late 80′s, let alone the 90′s or 2000′s. It was the natural move. But for some reason it never got made and every year fans of Blade Runner shook their heads as one false rumor after another was exposed and proven to be false. Until now!


Ridley Scott has confirmed the pre-pre-production of the ‘Blade Runner‘ Sequel three or four times now. He has even gone so far as to hire Hampton Fancher, who wrote the original draft of “Blade Runner,”  to develop the story for the project.


Recently he said, he’d like original star Harrison Ford to appear in the film, but he won’t be featured prominently. ”I don’t think it’ll be Harrison [starring]. But I’ve got to have him in it somewhere. That’d be amusing,”  Those words are music to this film lovers ears.


Ridley Scott also said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that he and Fancher already have a pretty good idea of the story they want to explore. After the assumed success of “Prometheus,” I doubt Ridley will have any problems finding a studio and financier for the long awaited project.


So Keep your fingers crossed. This time the ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel rumors just might be true.


The Original Blade Runner Theatrical Trailer



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