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Royal Pains Season 5 Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/03/2013

Royal Pains Season 5 Scoop!Royal Pains Season 5 Scoop!




Here’s the Scoop on Royal Pains from Michael Ausiello at TV-Line posted on April 2nd, 20




Question: Do you know anything about Royal Pains‘ fifth season? —Cristina

Ausiello: Hope you’re sitting down, because we have it on good authority that Evan’s well-heeled artist wife is getting a (gulp) 9-to-5 job. The show is casting the recurring role of Russel Berger, a fortysomething curator at Sutton and Chesterfield’s, where Paige is interviewing for an internship. Her fastidious potential boss looks her up and down, rolls his eyes and sighs, “Oh, that’s right… you’re a woman.” How rude (and kinda hilarious)!


Royal Pains is on hiatus/break.


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