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Ryan Reynolds in negotiations to play lead in Highlander Reboot

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/27/2012

HighlanderIf you love 80′s movies, then you had to love, ‘Highlander,’ right? I did. Looking back on it now makes me cringe a little, but it was a great concept and Sean Connery was his usual brilliant Scottish self. Well guess what? It’s getting remade.


Yes, Ryan Reynolds has officially signed on to star in the Highlander remake for Summit Entertainment and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. He will take over for Christopher Lambert as the lead. The question is, will it be a trilogy? Well, lets see how the first one turns out.


HighlanderReynolds will play Conner MacLeod, a Scottish swordsman who is among a small group of warriors gallivanting the earth to kill each other for the right to possess immortality. As far as the rest of the script? I don’t know how they will take from the original and how much they will change. It’s hard to say with reboots. I image there will be some major changes  though.


Movieweb reported this a month ago and After nearly a month’s worth of negotiations, the deal is finally sealed for theGreen Lantern star to portray this iconic character. He is no stranger to swordplay either, having played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



The film was rewritten by Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Neal H. Moritz and Peter S. Davis are producing. Highlander should hit theaters in 2014. Stay tune we’ll keep you posted on further casting details.


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