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Sam Worthington Wants to Join Schwarzenegger in David Ayer’s ‘Ten’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/24/2012

Sam Worthington TenSam Worthington is in talks to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in David Ayer’s new project ‘Ten.’ Mr. Worthington has had two relatively disappointing films hit the box office this past year — Wrath of the Titans and Man on a Ledge, the ladder was actually a decent film, but bombed in its release. Good thing for him, he’s likely to be back on top over the next decade as James Cameron immortalizes him with the conclusion of his Avatar Franchise.


In the mean time, a Terminator will meet a Terminator if Worthington does indeed join Arnold in David Ayer’s, ‘Ten.’ Variety says that Worthington wants the role, and calls the film “a testosterone-heavy riff on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians,” that follows ” an elite DEA task force that robs a dangerous drug cartel under the guise of a tactical raid on one of its safe houses. They think they’ve gotten away with millions in merch, until team members begin getting bumped off one by one.”


David Ayer is best know for writing the great film Training Day and the upcoming film End of Watch. This film, Ten, is written by Skip Woods however. Woods penned X-Men Origins: Wolverine and A Good Day to Die Hard. We’ll let you know if and when Sam Worthington signs on.


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