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Sandler to Replace Wahlberg in ‘Three Mississippi’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/31/2012

Three mississippiIn a good piece by Vulture’s Claude Brodesser-Akner, we learned this morning that Adam Sandler may be replacing Mark Wahlberg in, ‘Three Mississippi,’ a comedy from 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock and Friends executive producer Scott Silveri, which stars Will Ferrell, and Alec Baldwin.


The film, originally called ‘Turkey Bowl,” is about two families who have an annual Thanksgiving Day football game, in which one team (Wahlberg’s) always loses.


The film was set to bring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg back together again, after a successful run together in, ‘The Other Guy.’ The tag team comedy pulled in $170m at the box office and if you caught any of the marketing, you know Wahlberg and Ferrell really enjoyed each others company. Three Mississippi was a perfect fit, but then the biggest bomb of the Summer, Battleship, had to go and ruin it all.


You see, Universal told director Peter Berg that they’d finance his pet project, Lone Survivor, if he made Battleship first. It’s something that happens all the time. In fact Wahlberg is starring in Michael Bay’s, ‘Pain and Gain,’ a film promised to Bay by Paramount if he directed Transformer’s 3.


Well, when Battleship bombed, Universal closed its wallet. The studio took heavy loses with Battleship and has decided it only wants to distribute Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor, a grisly tale of a doomed SEAL team, not finance it.


The trade off? For Peter Berg to get financing for his pet project, Wahlberg had to promise to make Lone Survivor his next film, pushing back the shoot of Three Mississippi.


Well, Will Ferrell has Warner Brothers all lined up and ready to shot Three Mississippi next, and if he puts the film off, it won’t be made until late 2013. Because Ferrell is now committed to shooting Anchor Man 2 in January and after filming, he will surely be on a media blitz as Ron Burgundy.


A lot can happen in a year and a half, and Ferrell is not willing to wait. So in steps Adam Sandler. Why him? Well, Three Mississippi has brought in That’s My Boy Director Sean Anders and given the fact that he just worked with Sandler in that film, it makes for a perfect fit (Kind of, not really). It does make sense though. Despite Sandler’s recent blunders, he is still a huge star and if Warner Brothers teams him up with Will Farrell and football, they’re almost certain to have a hit. So lets rephrase that: Bringing in Sandler is a perfect “Financial” fit.


Stay tune, we will keep you posted on this films movement.


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